Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Week Thirteen Training Update

Hard to believe that we leave for Cologne a week from tomorrow and that the marathon is just over two weeks away!  My biggest concern is getting my passport in time to travel!  Yes - I am still trying to replace my stolen passport - it took a while to get my birth certificate which was also stolen and now I've sent everything in and should have it back by Tuesday of next week just in time to fly out on Thursday.  Talk about cutting it close!  I'm not going to let myself get worked up about it and trust that it will arrive in time and deal with it at the time if it does not.

I mentioned that we picked up our team shirts last week - I had my Mom take this picture for my Project 365 picture of the day for yesterday.  BTW - I've not given up on Project 365 and have in fact continued to enjoy taking photos - I've just been negligent in getting them posted.  I'll get caught up soon!

Training has been great although I have to admit that I've grown tired of the double digit miles 4 times per week during the weekday.  It makes for a very long day!  Fortunately I completed my last 20 mile run this past Sunday and today I ran my last double digit run on a weekday.  Another milestone today was surpassing 700 miles in training since starting the program back on April 18!  As of today I only have 11 more training runs before the marathon on August 7th and the longest run left before the marathon is a long run of 12 miles this Sunday.  The almighty taper is in full force! 

I'm not sure what my time will end up being in the marathon - I'd love to break 3:30 and I'll give it my all to do so but I'll be happy with anything under 3:45. 

Training schedule for week 13 was as follows:

Sunday - 10.61 easy run
Monday - rest
Tuesday - 12.14 easy run
Wednesday - 11.01 speed
Thursday - 11.09 easy
Friday - 10.10 easy
Saturday - rest

Have a good one! 



  1. Wow - double digit miles is a dream far far away for me. I can do about 3 hours of yoga and that's enough for me! I'm crappy at being flexible but I do enjoy the small challenges.

    I was travelling once to Germany believe it or not and my passport arrived the morning of travel. Talk about being nervous but I prayed so hard - thank God I made it.

  2. Your're amazing, and did I throw in Wonderful! I did really good when I had you! M