Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

BrInging in the New Year with the first Pac-10 basketball game of the year for the Dawgs! Got back from Palm Springs this afternoon. Weather in PS was much nicer than it is here! Happpy New Year everyone!

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Palm Springs Marriott Pool

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Palm Springs

In Palm Springs for a few days for a much needed break from the cold weather at home. It's nice here!

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Approval of Referedum 71

Thanks to all of my family and friends who helped support the approval of Referedum 71! While it looked like might be close the first night, the margin in which it would eventually go down in defeat grew each day. Last I looked it wad passed with over 53% of the vote! I am extremely grateful and proud to live in a state and within a community that supports and stands behind the protection of equal rights for our families.

Not surprising is the fact that it was passed by the more populated urban counties - especially King County which passed it by a three to one margin! It's great living in the most democratic, liberal parts of the state! I was surprised that it did not pass in Spokane, Clark and Pierce counties. More work needs to be done in these and all other counties where it did not pass. Although it did not pass in Grays Harbor County where I grew up it was closer than I would have suspected. I choose to believe it's because of the work of my siblings and other family members!

Now why is it not enough? I'll tell you why - because equal but separate rights is not equal! I remember many years ago, before DOMA, writing a college paper on gay marriage. I recall writing about ( and I still feel this way today) not being sure if I even wanted to be a part of an old tattered institution that by all accounts was failing at an alarming and disturbing rate. Now don't get me wrong - I love being in a committed relationship and I'm sure I'd make a lovely bride! I just don't think that all the folks who want to save "traditional" marriage have really taken a good look at the sorry state that "traditional" marriage is in. And the huge leap that some make to blame the gays just makes the fact that they are really bigots stand out al thel more.

If I were King of the World (or Queen as it may be) I'd separate marriage and civil commitment. I'd get the government out of the business of marriage by having them issue civil commitment license and leave marriage up to churches. Mind you I still think anyone should still be allowed to get married but that could be decided by individual congregations and the government could get out of the business.

Just my two cents worth! Anyway thanks for the support! I'd like to think that everyone I know voted to approve the referedum and if for some insane reason you did not - I'd just soon not know because I'd have to unfriend you on Facebook!

Hey - I almost forgot to mention that today is Kent and my 12th anniversary! How lucky I am! I am in DC for work so we will celebrate when I get home with our annual anniversary dinner at Judy Foo's! Yummy!

Have a good one - Jim

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Complete with New York Marathon

I did it! Completed my 6th marathon! This was a personal best for me although I wished I had done even better!

The marathon was an experience like no other. From the neighborhoods to the crowds! Glad to be done however! Headed home tomorrow.

Thanks for all your supportive emails, calls, text messages and Facebook comments. It really helped a lot!



At the start

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Verazanno Narrows Bridge

Starting point of the marathon.

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Staten Island Ferry

Headed to the start of the marathon on the Staten Island Ferry! Wish me luck!

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Few More Pictures

We have had a busy day starting with picking up my race package.

The race expo was a lot of fun - the official shirt is one of the best ones I've seen! I also picked up a couple of extra clothing items!

Here is a picture of my bib and timing chip. The first part of my number is covered by the timing chip - the full number is 38862.

From there we went out to the New Yankee Stadium and had lunch at the Hardrock Cafe.

From there we went to Grand Central Station.

Then back to Times Square to pick up Tickets for a Show tonight.

We are going to see -Burn the Floor. Got great reviews and should be a lot of fun.

More updates later -


Final Run before the Marathon

This morning was my final run before the marathon on Sunday. I did a short 5 mile run from our hotel across the Brooklyn Bridge to lower Manhattan and then around the former World Trade Center site. Headed to the Convention Center to pick up my bib number and timing chip.

Later -


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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Times Square and More

Headed to bed but thought I would share a few pictures from our first day in New York. We went out to dinner in Manhattan and them went to Times Square.

We also went to the Empire State Building and the Rockefeller Center after dinner.

There are a lot of runners in town and a lot of billboards advertising the run.

Tomorrow I'll go for my final short run before the marathon. The running expo is tomorrow and I pick up my bib and timing chip. I'll keep you posted.

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View from our Hotel

Downtown Manhattan from our room.

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Arrived in New York!

Just arrived in New York! A lot of runners on the plane. Between the marathon and the world series the city is going to be busy! Weather is perfect today - Sunday looks like it might rain. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather.

Thanks for the Facebook wishes, emails and call of support! I appreciate it!


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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Next Up: New York Marathon!

I leave early tomorrow Morning for the New York Marathon! My bib number is 38862 and I will start the race in the second wave at 10:00 a.m. EST - 7:00 a.m. PST. You can find out more details about the start of the marathon at the following link:

I've been training for months and have been nursing an injury to my right leg but I am as ready as I can be at this point. I will be happy to complete in under four hours but up to my leg injury I'd been training to complete in 3.5 hours. If I complete in 3.5 hours, I'd qualify for Boston! I've ran a couple of 1/2 marathons during my training and 10K's and all have been great times. 26.2 miles is a whole different story. Kent and a couple of friends will be in New York as well.

You can sign up for alerts if you want to track my progress at the following link:

TV and Internet Schedule information can be found here:

If I keep on pace you can pretty much predict where I will be at any time on the course. once I cross the start line my goal is to run at about 8:30 minute miles for the first 2-3 miles and then pick up the pace to 8 minute miles for 16-18 miles and finally finish the last 4-6 miles at a 7:45. I'll keep you posted with regular updates!

You can visit the official Marathon Website at the following link:

Keep your fingers crossed and send me good luck - Oh and don't forget to approve Referendum 71!

Later -


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yesterday was a BAD day!

So if it were not bad enough to see Oregon run all over the Dawgs yesterday - Ironically after posting my request for you to support/approve referendum 71, I came home to the following sign.

There were 18 of these yard signs at the freeway exit that we use everyday. Everyday we go to work, come home, run to the store or go visit family and friends we are reminded of the hypocrisy of the religious right. It's very upsetting to know that there are people out there who want to vote on my right to live in a loving relationship with my partner. They say this is about marriage and protecting children - that's not what it's about at all. It's about intolerance, ignorance and fear - it's about preaching to love your neighbor as yourself, turning the other cheek, judge not least ye be judged - and then doing just the opposite. It's very sad that on organized institution that could be doing so much good (and some do) in this county has turned into an oppressive mean spirited organization. If as a society we want to defend marriage then perhaps we should be focused on lowering the divorce rate, teaching tolerance, and remembering that diversity is the one true thing that we all have in common and celebrate it EVERYDAY!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Remember to Approve Referendum 71

Just a reminder as you fill out your ballots to do the right thing and vote to approve Referendum 71! As an individual in a registered domestic partnership relationship in the state of Washington your vote directly impacts both Kent and I and many, many friends. I honestly do not know how anyone can look themselves in the mirror and vote to reject this referendum. Shame on them! As a man who is gay and one who grew up Catholic, went to Catholic school, was an alter boy - the God I was taught to believe in was one of love, compassion and one of treating others as we would want to be treated.

Do the right thing and approve referendum 71!


Another Football Saturday!

Since we lost last weekend in the final few seconds of the game I did not write a post. Today is a big game against our biggest out of state rival - the Oregon Ducks! There is no team in all of football that I hate more than the ducks! Their fans are infamous for being rude and downright mean to opposing teams. Time to bring them down!

Go Dawgs!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's a Football Saturday!

I've been negligent in my posting once again but after doing a quick update yesterday I made a list of all the things I need to post about. The two most time consuming things going on right now and therefore most appropriate to post about are college football and marathon training.

Since it's a football Saturday - I'll catch you up on the college football we've been enjoying. My last football post was our opening game against LSU. I blogged a lot last season about coach Willingham and the need to fire him which occurred before the end of the last season. Steve Sarkisian the offensive coordinator for USC was hired and what a difference good coaching can make. Last year the UW Huskies went 0-12 - it was a painful season and Kent witnessed 10 of 12 losses in person. It's a new year in Husky nation! Here's a rundown of our season to date:

LSU - Opening game of the 2009 season. Number 11 in the country, LSU was heavily favored and there were tons of LSU fans in town for the game. You could not go anywhere in Seattle the days leading up to the game without running into tons of LSU fans. The Dawgs lost the game 31-23 but not before demonstrating great improvement to a home crowd over the previous year. Despite the loss it was a great game - where the Huskies actually going to do something this year?

Idaho - Second game of the season and the Dawgs are expected to win. My nephew got married on this weekend over in Lake Chelan so Kent and I drove the three hour drive to Lake Chelan for the rehearsal dinner on Friday and then turned around and got up early Saturday morning and drove back to Seattle for the game and then back to Lake Chelan for the evening wedding! It was a lot of driving but it was worth it to see the Dawgs break a 15 game losing streak dating back to Nov. 17, 2007! Huskies win 42-23! There is hope at Montlake! Turns out the Vandals are a pretty good team and as of this writing has gone on to win 5 games. Only loss this season was against the Huskies.

USC - Best game I've ever attended! Huskies take on number 3 in the nation USC in front of a home crowd hungry for a big upset! Since our new coach was the former offensive coordinator for USC we wore buttons thanking USC for the coach! The Dawgs manage a huge upset and win 16-13! First time I've seen the field at Husky Stadium rushed by the hometown crowd! Unbelievable game and a huge win for a team that went winless the previous season. For one short week UW is ranked in the top 25 teams in the nation! (Kiss of death, which frankly seemed a bit premature, but it was still fun!)

Stanford - Away game - hopes high, only to lose big in Palo Alto. Dawgs lose against Stanford 14-34. Turns out that Stanford has a pretty good team this year and currently has a 4-2 record. Ironically the last time the Huskies won an away game was in 2007 at Stanford - Kent and I were at this game along with our friend Bill. I hope they break the away game losing streak today!

Notre dame - Okay, I'm not usually bitter about a loss for long but I still have not put away the bitter bag over our loss to Notre dame 30-37 in OT. We travel to two away games each year and this year Notre dame was one of the away games we attended. What a great experience despite the loss! We met our friend Bill in Chicago and drove to South Bend for the game. Great campus and the locals were especially nice. Kent has a former coworker attending graduate school there right now who met up with us and gave us a quick tour of campus so the entire experience was a lot of fun! So why am I bitter? Bad officiating! The UW officially challenged a couple of the calls and it was determined that had the correct calls been made the Huskies would have won the game! It would have been so sweet - the Huskies and Notre dame have played eight times and the Huskies have never won against them - this was our year and it was stolen right out from under us! Jake Locker was pissed!

Arizona - Huskies win a miracle game in the 4th quarter at Husky Stadium. They played well in the first half of the game and actually went into half ahead. The third quarter the Huskies pretty much fell apart and it looked like we were going to lose this one and that our chances of going to a bowl game were all but lost. Washington's Mason Foster made the miracle play and intercepted a deflected pass off the foot of an Arizona player and ran it back for a touchdown with 2:37 left. The Huskies rallied with two touchdowns in the final three minutes to stun the Wildcats 36-33! College football is never over until the clock runs out!

So here we are half was through the season and we are playing 500 ball with real chance of pulling together enough wins to make it into a bowl game! The remaining games are all Pac-10 conference games so they are pretty critical games from this point forward. The Dawgs play Arizona State tonight in Tempe so we will be watching that game later tonight. This is a huge game!

It's good to get caught up on my football blogging. I'll post an update following tonight's game.

Later -


Friday, October 16, 2009

About 71

I am here with another ask - I know it's been awhile since I've posted but now that the November ballots are arriving I need to ask you to vote to approve Ref. 71.

Voting APPROVE on Ref. 71 is a vote to keep the domestic partnership law that provides legal protections for lesbian and gay couples and seniors who are in committed relationships. To be able to take unpaid leave to care for a critically ill loved one, without being fired. To be able to cover a partner in family health insurance. To make sure hard-earned pension and death benefits protect children when a parent dies. Approving Ref. 71 ensures that important protections are not taken away from committed couples, so that they are able to take care of each other, especially in times of crisis. Keep the domestic partnership law - Vote APPROVE on Ref. 71 by Nov 3.

I really hope I can count on you to not only vote to approve Ref. 71 but to pass the word to family and friends to approve this Referendum.

Thanks - more posting soon. The New York Marathon is only two weeks away!


Saturday, September 5, 2009

LSU Tailgate Party

The LSU fans are in town in large numbers! This is a view of the tailgate party on the UW campus headed to the stadium.

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Game Day - UW vs. LSU

Well we can only improve over last year! Once again we are stoked for another season of Husky football! New coach and hopes for a winning season. Fisrt game will be tough as will our schedule for the season but if the Dawgs can pull off a big upset win over LSU it willl be the talk of the Pac - 10.

We have new seats this year so looking fiorward to meeting our new seat mates and the view of the field. Should be great as we moved down and in by about 25 yards. I'll keep you posted. Go Dawgs!

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Missed Blogaversary!

I just realized the other day that I've been blogging on Ground Cover for over a year and I missed my blogaversary! Shame on me. For those who have been reading for awhile you know that I post on an inconsistent basis. Mostly related to how busy I am -that being the case over the past few weeks. I enjoy having a blog if for no other reason for the first time in my life I've been able to journal for a full year. That's essentially how I view my blogging. It's sad to say - more for me than for you! Not to say that I'm not glad a few people read it and periodically make a comment here and there. I really do appreciate the comments.

I've been thinking about the future of the blog and not sure where it will go in the next twelve months. I wish I had more time to simply sit and write but between work, chores and marathon training and a bit of socializing it frequently gets pushed to the side.

I just finished week four of a sixteen week training program for the New York Marathon on November 1, 2009. I'm more excited about this run than any other I've ran for so many reasons. As with many runners when I first started running I fantasized about running the Boston Marathon and the New York Marathon. When we go to New York in November our friends Bill and Mike will join us - they are fun to travel with and we always have a good time traveling together. The training schedule I've chosen is rigorous - I'm running 6 days a week with different routines each day - one day a week hills, one day a week speed work, one long run each week and then three days of easy runs - I'm putting in 42 miles per week right now and will peak at 60 miles just before the marathon. When all is said between the training and the marathon itself I'll have logged 722.2 miles! Great thing about it is that it keeps the weight at bay and I can basically eat what ever I want. Each time I train seriously - I try a few new things in my diet, this time I'm completely alcohol free, no deep fried food, more fish and less beef. Seems to be paying off. I've never really done a great deal of hill workouts before and I can already tell in just the first four weeks that it is really going to pay off. I'm also part of an online training group that has been fun and keeps me motivated. I'll be writing more about the training between now and November since I'm really going to be spending a great deal of time wrapped up in it until November.

Work has been very busy which is both a good thing and a bad thing - it's hard to tend to the day to day tasks and keep up on email, and maintain your sanity all at the same time but I manage. I am very lucky to have a great job and work with great people for the most part. Last week I was in a meeting with the Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy - Gil Kerlikowske - former chief of Police in Seattle. The Director advises the President regarding changes in the organization, management, budgeting, and personnel of federal agencies that effect U.S. anti-drug efforts; and regarding federal agency compliance with their obligations under the National Drug Control Strategy. I've had opportunity to meet with John Walter who was the Director under the Bozo - I mean Bush administration as well.

I have been working on a federal grant that was submitted a few months ago to implement substance abuse programs fro transition age youth 18-24 years of age. Still waiting to hear if we got the grant but I received an inquiry last week for more information which is a very good sign. I'll keep you posted on that one.

Finally eating fresh tomatoes out of the garden - only the cherry ones at this point but I do have several large ones just waiting to ripen. Part of the price for living in Seattle! It's been a hot dry summer - Seattle reached it's all time record high of 103 a few weeks ago but now things are back to normal much to the relief of everyone I know!

Obviously I need to post more often - way to much to say. Kent and I saw Julie and Julia on Friday evening - I really enjoyed it. Julie & Julia was written and directed by Nora Ephron. The film depicts events in the life of chef Julia Child, contrasting her life with Julie Powell, a woman who aspires to cook all 524 recipes from Child's cookbook. The screenplay is adapted from two books: My Life in France, Child's autobiography, written with Alex Prud'homme, and a memoir by Julie Powell. In August 2002, Powell started documenting online her daily experiences cooking each of the 524 recipes in Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking,
I had read - My Life in France but I'm rereading it now because I enjoyed the movie so much. Very inspiring story - she was older than I am now before she published her first cookbook! It's never too late to try something new. Kent and I have actually been thinking about taking some cooking classes - we just talked about it with our friend Bill recently. Anyway go see the movie - I think you will enjoy it.

Anyway - I'll try to post more often so you don't have to slog through so much next time you check in - have a great Sunday and Bon Appetite!


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Anti-Gay Signature Fraud Caught On Tape - Port Angeles, Washington

This is how the right wing operates. It's a sad day in the state of Washington.

Local News | Wash. gay partnership foes turn in signatures | Seattle Times Newspaper

I am so sick and tired of this - read on......

Local News Wash. gay partnership foes turn in signatures
Seattle Times Newspaper

Sponsors of a campaign to overturn Washington state's domestic partnership law turned in their petition signatures Saturday and said they believe they have enough to force a public vote.

Associated Press Writer

OLYMPIA, Wash. —
Sponsors of a campaign to overturn Washington state's domestic partnership law turned in their petition signatures Saturday and said they believe they have enough to force a public vote.
The expanded "everything but marriage" domestic partnership law was scheduled to take effect Sunday, but is now delayed until the signatures can be counted, a process that could take up to a month.

To qualify for the November ballot, supporters of Referendum 71 must have 120,577 voter signatures. Supporters say they have about 138,000 signatures.

"I feel our signatures are pretty clean," said campaign spokesman Gary Randall.
If they have enough signatures, the law will be delayed until the outcome of the referendum. If they fall short, the domestic partnership expansion will immediately take effect.
The signatures were turned in a day after opponents of the new law announced a final push to force a public vote, calling their effort "too close to call" and asking people to show up on Saturday at the Capitol to turn in their signatures to the secretary of state's office.
Greg MacPherson of Kent, Wash. said he drove two hours in traffic to turn in about a dozen signatures.

"We want to stand up and be counted," he said.
The new domestic partnership law expands on Washington's existing partnerships. The newest version adds registered domestic partners to all remaining areas of state law that presently apply only to married couples. Those statutes range from adoption and child support rights and obligations, to pensions and other public employee benefits.

The underlying domestic partnership law, which passed the Legislature two years ago, provided hospital visitation rights, the ability to authorize autopsies and organ donations, and inheritance rights when there is no will.

Last year, lawmakers expanded it to give domestic partners standing under laws covering probate and trusts, community property and guardianship.

Josh Friedes, a spokesman for Washington Families Standing Together, said that if the referendum does end up on the ballot, he is optimistic that voters will retain the law.

"We need to have a conversation about the needs of gay and lesbian families," he said. "So in some ways, this referendum brings to the foreground a lot of issues, and to that extent the dialogue can propel the movement forward."

A political group called WhoSigned.Org has already said it will publish online the names of people who signed petitions. The petition-listing effort is not supported by the official campaign trying to keep R-71 off the ballot.
The domestic partnership bill is Senate Bill 5688.
On the Net:
Washington Families Standing Together:
Protect Marriage Washington:
Domestic partnership information:
Copyright © The Seattle Times Company

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hoh River Rain Forest

Washington really is a beautiful state. If you visit a must do drive is the drive that we took today around the Olympic Peninsula. The Olympic National Park is huge and has a ton of intreasting things to do. It makes for a full day. We left our house this morning around 8 a.m. and will not get home until after 11 p.m.

Thought I would share a few pictures that we took today.

Look for the four leaf clover!

The rain forest was pretty cool.

Kent and Sylvia on one of the short hikes we took.

Old tree trunk in the forest.

Headed home!


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Hurricane Ridge

Kent's Mom is in town so we are visiting Hurricane Ridge and the Rain Forest.

Toby enjoying the view at Hurricane Ridge.

Kent and his Mom Sylvia at Hurricane Ridge.

Me at Hurricane Ridge.

The wildflowers are in full bloom and very beautiful right now.

Later - Jim

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

First Train Open Public

Kent and I on the first public run of the new link light rail from Tukwila to Seattle.

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Riding King County's New Light Rail

Today is the long awaited opening of the first leg of the new Link Light Rail! It's very exciting! It has been a long time coming after years of watching it be built. We got here early enough to hopefully be in the very first car from Tukwila to downtown Seattle. I will post a few pictures later!

This is a picture of the new Tukwila station.

There is a lot of great public art.

We just confirmed that we will be on the very first train open to the public! Below is a picture of Kent standing in line ready for the experience!

More later-


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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Presentation to the Washington State House of Representatives

I had an opportunity to present to a group of Washington State Legislatures this week and thought I would share it with you. I think a lot of people have little to no idea about the work that I do so I thought I would give you a peak into my work world.

Later -


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Friday, July 10, 2009

290.5 miles to go!

Yesterday was a long day on the road. We really put on the miles traveling 863.4 miles between Douglas, WY and Spokane, WA. We are on the last leg of what has been a great road trip! We spent our last night on the road at the Spokane Courtyard. Camping was never discussed!

For those of you who have followed my blog for awhile I posted a blog titled - "I Fought the Law". Yesterday I almost had an reenactment of the event. Here I am driving along in a construction zone going 20 miles per hour being very mindful of my speed. I see the end of the construction zone and I also see a sign in the near distance raising the speed limit to 45 MPH. What I did not see was the police officer sitting off to the side of the construction site looking for innocent tourists to harass! We go past and he pulls right out and honest to God my first thought is "I wonder who he is going to pull over?" - then immediately I know it's me. I go right into my - officer I'm innocent mode - remember from the previous post - admit to nothing!

He goes into the standard "Do you know why I pulled you over?" and I go right into my "I'm innocent mode". Which I was! He tried to claim that I was still in the construction zone and was going 30 MPH in a 20. I pointed out that when I began to accelerate I was out of the construction zone and could see the sign increasing the speed to 45 MPH. "You were still in the construction zone- license and registration and proof of insurance please". After being gone for a long time he comes back with a chart and points to the fine for speeding in a construction zone - $450! "My boss would be real proud and tell me I'm doing a great job for this size ticket", he says. I started to once again proclaim my innocence when it dawned on me he was ultimately going to let me go with a warning. I immediately go from the "I'm innocent" mode to - the "thank you officer you have made me see the light and I'll never speed again" mode.

I'd love to know others thoughts about when you can begin to accelerate if you see the speed limit sign in the distance. If I can see it, then in my opinion that's full right to increase my speed! Any way obviously I digress...

Kent is very particular about keeping our vehicles clean so you can imagine his horror to see the truck after driving through what I can only describe as a bug storm. It was pretty gross! You could see the bugs in the headlights and hear them hit the windshield like rain. We immediately went to a car wash!

Today was really more about putting on some serious miles more than anything else. We did take a scenic route over the Big Horn mountains.

I am not sure if it will show up well in the picture but the wild flowers were beautiful and very well could have been at their peak.

After exiting the Big Horn mountains we stopped for what would be our last picnic of the trip.

On our drive east we discovered Moxiberry in Missoula, Montana. Best sour frozen yogurt I've ever had and I love the stuff! They have both green tea and original and every kind of topping you can imagine! The green tea with blueberries was delish! Any way we liked it so much that we stopped in again on our drive home. If ever in Missoula definitely check it out! You will not be disappointed.

Have a good one -


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