Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Approval of Referedum 71

Thanks to all of my family and friends who helped support the approval of Referedum 71! While it looked like might be close the first night, the margin in which it would eventually go down in defeat grew each day. Last I looked it wad passed with over 53% of the vote! I am extremely grateful and proud to live in a state and within a community that supports and stands behind the protection of equal rights for our families.

Not surprising is the fact that it was passed by the more populated urban counties - especially King County which passed it by a three to one margin! It's great living in the most democratic, liberal parts of the state! I was surprised that it did not pass in Spokane, Clark and Pierce counties. More work needs to be done in these and all other counties where it did not pass. Although it did not pass in Grays Harbor County where I grew up it was closer than I would have suspected. I choose to believe it's because of the work of my siblings and other family members!

Now why is it not enough? I'll tell you why - because equal but separate rights is not equal! I remember many years ago, before DOMA, writing a college paper on gay marriage. I recall writing about ( and I still feel this way today) not being sure if I even wanted to be a part of an old tattered institution that by all accounts was failing at an alarming and disturbing rate. Now don't get me wrong - I love being in a committed relationship and I'm sure I'd make a lovely bride! I just don't think that all the folks who want to save "traditional" marriage have really taken a good look at the sorry state that "traditional" marriage is in. And the huge leap that some make to blame the gays just makes the fact that they are really bigots stand out al thel more.

If I were King of the World (or Queen as it may be) I'd separate marriage and civil commitment. I'd get the government out of the business of marriage by having them issue civil commitment license and leave marriage up to churches. Mind you I still think anyone should still be allowed to get married but that could be decided by individual congregations and the government could get out of the business.

Just my two cents worth! Anyway thanks for the support! I'd like to think that everyone I know voted to approve the referedum and if for some insane reason you did not - I'd just soon not know because I'd have to unfriend you on Facebook!

Hey - I almost forgot to mention that today is Kent and my 12th anniversary! How lucky I am! I am in DC for work so we will celebrate when I get home with our annual anniversary dinner at Judy Foo's! Yummy!

Have a good one - Jim

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Complete with New York Marathon

I did it! Completed my 6th marathon! This was a personal best for me although I wished I had done even better!

The marathon was an experience like no other. From the neighborhoods to the crowds! Glad to be done however! Headed home tomorrow.

Thanks for all your supportive emails, calls, text messages and Facebook comments. It really helped a lot!



At the start

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Verazanno Narrows Bridge

Starting point of the marathon.

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Staten Island Ferry

Headed to the start of the marathon on the Staten Island Ferry! Wish me luck!

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