Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day Four - Final Game - ASU vs. USC

Last day of basketball at the Staples Center. Huskies will still move forward with a higher seed. Next game will be in Portland.

USC is a bit behind right now but crawling back! Go USC!

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La Brea Tar Pits

I've been to LA a thousand times and never been to the Tar Pits. It was cool.

Check it out next time you are in LA!


Santa Monica Farmers Market

I love going to Farmers Market when we travel. One of my favorites is the Farmers Market is San Franciso's downtown market. However a close second is the Santa Monica Farmers Market. I first learned about it on KCRW Good Food with Evan Klieman.

Check it out sometime.


Friday, March 13, 2009

Downtown LA

This picture was taken from the downtown train station. LA city hall in the background.

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Day Three - Game Eight - UCLA vs. USC

Bummer - the Huskies lost a hard fought battle against ASU. Will still most likely go on to the NCAA finals in Portland.

Down to three teams - UCLA, USC and Arizona State. As we found when we went to Tempe for a football game the ASU fans have little class. We want UCLA to win and kick ass in the final game against ASU.

Later -


Day Three - Game Seven - UW vs. Arizona St.

Winner moves on to the final game. Final game will be played with either USC or UCLA Go Dawgs!

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Getty Center Garden LA

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day Two Game Four - WSU vs. UCLA

USC won against Cal! I hate to see Cal lose but we have not played well against Cal. This game we want WSU to win.

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Day Two - Game Three - Cal vs. USC

UW won and will play ASU tomorrow! Next game is ready to start. Although I usually go for Cal since we have lost to them twice this season I would rather have USC move forward. Sorry Adam!

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Halftime update - Huskies up by 3!

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Day Two - Game Two - UW vs. Stanford!

ASU won the first game! UW up next for their first game! Go Dawgs!

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Day Two Game One - Arizona vs. Arizona St.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Am I over reacting?

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At some point you get to old for this.....

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Game Two - WSU vs. Oregon

Stanford won the first game of the day so we know we play them tomorrow at 2:30.

The second game of the evening has started and as hard as it is to do - we want WSU to win.

The winner of this game goes on to play UCLA and WSU has not only won them once this season they are a much better team than Oregon.

As hard as it is to say - Go Cougs!

Later -


Calm down Jim!

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Day One - PAC-10 Tournament. Oregon State vs. Stanford

It's day one of the PAC-10 tournament, game one! Stanford band right in front of our seats.

The mascot for Stanford is a tree - it's very funny!

This is the first of nine games over the next four days. Second game tonight is WSU vs. Oregon. Huskies play first game tomorrow and will end up playing the winner of the Stanford - Oregon State game.

More updates later!


To Kennel or Not to Kennel

That really is the question. Kent and I are headed off to LA for a few days and every time we have to kennel Toby, we struggle with both being seperated from him and with leaving him at a kennel. I think technically he might be small enough to take on the plane and take with us - I imagine that we will do that at some point but this trip is not condusive to bringing him along as we will be indoors most of the time. We talked to our dog trainer about having someone come to the house so he could be in familiar surroundings but he would spend so much time alone we decided against it. I've been told that dogs have no sense of time. How do we know this to be the case? I wish I knew for sure.

I can't imagine him sitting at home for several days with someone stopping by once or twice a day for a very short period of time. But perhaps it's better than being kenneled? We are taking him to the kennel tonight, we always pay extra so he gets individual extra play time - we sound like one of those wicked parents who send their kids off to boarding school because they didn't want them arond and then say "we paid for the best possible school"!

I'd love to hear from others about this delima. Having a dog is a wonderful thing and you only want the best for them. I'd like to think we made the right choice.

Have a good one -


Saturday, March 7, 2009

PAC 10 Champions!

Way to go Dawgs!

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Original Obama Hope Picture

I was in DC for a meeting the last couple of days and while there went to the National Gallery. This picture is the original of the famous Obama Hope picture! It was. Very cool!

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UW vs. WSU

Close game - Huskies ahead by 3 with 11 min. to go!

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Headed to DC

I know I've been MIA. Far to busy! I am at the airport getting ready to take a flight to DC for a meeting. Back in town on Friday - just in time to watch Washington beat WSU and claim the Pac 10 title in Basketball. Headed to LA next week to the tournament!

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