Thursday, December 29, 2016

Long Time Friends

There is certainly something to say about life long friends. Especially in this day of Facebook or other social media sites that allow you to connect with so many people.

Like many people I have a lot of acquaintances and many friends. What I have fewer of are deep friendships that span 20-30 years. They are rare and precious. I'm talking about the kind of person I'd call first to share good news, call if I were in trouble or rely on for a shoulder to cry on in a time of grief.  

This holiday season I got together with a group of friends that I used to work with while working for Providence Health System. I worked there from 1989 to 2002.

Pictured from left to right is Tracy Brown, Peggy Duquette, Chris Tunick and finally Jennifer Holmes.  While all are great friends, Jennifer is one of those rare one's that I know I can always count on. What a wonderful group of people. 

One of the first people I met when I started at Providence was Cheryl James. She and I have known each other for nearly 30 years now. Another great example of someone I know I can count on for anything. I've been blessed with great friends in my life. 

This is a picture of Cheryl and I taken yesterday at Sharkys Beach in Venice, Florida. As you can imagine in a nearly 30 year friendship, we have experienced a lot together. I'm so grateful that we've remained connected!

Here we are with our spouses - Bobby and Kent. Kent and I are headed to Atlanta for the Peach Bowl and built in the extra time to spend a few days visiting. We need to get back more often.

I love traveling to Florida at this time of year. Last year at this time Kent and I were in Key West for New Year's Eve. If the Huskies win the Peach Bowl - we will be back in just over a week. Additionally we are going on a Caribbean Cruise in Febuary 2017 and will once again find ourselves in Florida. The photo above and the ones below are a few random shots from our current trip. 

We will be in Atlanta tomorrow.  More to come following the Peach Bowl! Go Huskies!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Where the hell have you been?!

That's what I imagine absolutely no one saying about me or my blog. It's been nearly two and a half years since my last post and not one person has asked me about it - and I'm totally cool with that. My blog after all was never really about having a following as much as it was an opportunity to document my life in Seattle with my husband and our pups.

As often happens, life takes over and blogging falls to the bottom of the list. I'm going to give it another shot. In some ways based on where I'm at in my life - I've got much more interesting things to write about. I've always found writing to be theraputic - but as with going to the gym - just because it's good for you does not mean we continue the practice.

I won't spend a lot of time talking about what's been going on (and there has been a lot) - rather I will write about it over time. What I will tell you is that while many of my interests remain the same - I've got a lot more to say about - parents and parental health, sibling relationships, recovery and behavioral health, friendship, social media, social justice, personal health issues, alzheimer's, retirement, saving money and personal finance, debt and wealth management  and paying off our house. I can't help but think I'll also post about celebrity entertainer and president elect, Donald Trump - talk about a nightmare. I will not remain silent!  

I am still an active runner - next marathon is April of 2017. It's a bucket list one - Big Sur!! I still love gardening and and continue to find it rewarding and theraputic. Kent and I just celebrated our 19th anniversary as a couple.  We officially got married since my last post in a surprise wedding that will always remain a highlight of my life (deserving a a post of it'd own sometime). We still have three rescue pups that are both a complete blessing and a nightmare at the same time. Anyone with more that two  dogs will totally understand. I got a promotion at work that I'll write about - I've got an amazing job - it is both challenging and rewarding and at times feels like it's going to swallow me alive! Husky sports continue to play a big part of our life. As a matter a fact I am writing this post from a hotel in Atlanta - we arrived today to attend the Peach Bowl - #4 UW will play #1 Alabama on New Years Eve. It's been a great football season - Go Dawgs! In the meantime we will visit our friends Cheryl and Bobby in Venice, FL for a few days. Super excited for both the visit and the game! 

This is a picture of Kent and I today at Seatac Airport before we boarded our flight. 

That's enough for now. I'll end with a few holiday pictures - just because of the season.

Our beautiful 2016 tree. We went back to an artificial tree this year. They sell trees across the street from our house at the UW Urban Horticulture Center. Last year we went back to a real tree. Unfortunately, this year the sale was on the weekend that the Huskies played Colorado in the PAC 12 conference championship game and game vs tree was no contest!  

I took this picture on Christmas Day while Kent and I were out for a morning run. This is in front of the UW football  stadium. That's my Santa hat!

I fucking love fresh flowers! I spent way more than I care to admit on fresh flowers and plants over the holiday season but I do believe they make a house a home. 

I love our living room. It's so warm and welcoming. Kent and I are so blessed to have a lovely home in a great Seattle neighborhood with the best neighbors anyone could possibly wish for. We are filled with gratitude!

It's great to be back!