Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lake Days

It's Wednesday night and we just got back from the Ruby Theatre in downtown Chelan. Kent and I have been spending the same week in Lake Chelan for over 10 years and we've never ventured to the movies. We saw Crazy, Stupid, Love. Which I really liked. I think we may have found a new tradition while here! I took the picture of Kent below downtown while waiting to go to the movie.

Yesterday we picked up Toby and Maggie from the kennel and took them on an outing for several hours. We have been bringing Toby to Lake Chelan since we got him over 4 years ago - this was Maggie's first year. Between going to Japan, Alaska and now lake Chelan the poor pups have been in the kennel a lot this summer. We love bringing them to the lake so that mid week we can pick them up and break up their stay. We also took them for a swim in the lake!

Last night we stayed in and had dinner at the condo. I made Cucumber Limes Smashes - a recipe we learned on the cruise.

Sylvia is pictured above on the balcony of the condo before dinner.

I also played my first full 18 holes of golf today! Kent and his Mom and I played at the local course up on the hill. Kent and I took lessons a few years ago but have not done much playing so it was fun to get out and play for four hours! Thanks Mom and Dad for the clubs!

Tomorrow is our last full day already. We head home on Friday. Looking forward to going on a long run tomorrow morning!

Later - Jim

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Running Update

I've been negligent in my running lately. I've managed to get one to two runs in each week but not nearly enough to keep the weight off! I need to find a fall or early winter marathon to partake in so I can begin to run with purpose and shed the extra pounds. I've got my eyes on a couple of different ones but with football season it's difficult to schedule. Right now I thinking of Seattle or Los Vegas in late November or early December.

The great thing about vacation is there is no excuse not to run so in the last five days I've managed to get in 4 nice runs. Since I am not training for anything specific at this time and I always have my iPhone with me to listen to music and track my runs I have been going slow and taking a few pictures along the route. I thought I'd share the route and a few pictures from each run.

Friday - East Wenatchee - 6.57 miles

This is a new bridge they are building in East Wenatchee. I ran this particular route just to take this picture.

Saturday - Lake Chelan - 5.13 miles.

View from one of the downtown bridges - there is a river walk all the way around this section which makes for a nice walk and/or run around town.

Campbell Resort from the bridge downtown.

Best campground in Chelan right downtown. All grass and right on the lake!

View of Peterson's Waterfront our condo from across the lake.

Monday - Lake Chelan - 9.01 miles.

The City put in a new trail that goes along the river so Kent and I took in a run along the river.

Kent at the end of the trail.

This is a picture of the dam from the new trail.

Tuesday - Lake Chelan 8.1 miles

View up the lake.

View from a housing development that has been struggling since the economy tanked. Beautiful views!

View from the golf course of the condo across the lake.

View of downtown from the golf course that is up on the hill near town. I got a lot of hill running in today!

I hope to get in a two to three more runs before we head home on Friday.

Later -


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Monday, August 29, 2011

Lake Puzzle Two

We have already completed both puzzles we brought for this year! Usually we are frantic to finish the last one the night before heading home. This is one my parents bought for Kent last Christmas.

It was a lot of fun to work on. Now time for some serious reading!

Later -


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Lake Update

It's my favorite time at the lake - the weekend is over and the crowd has thinned considerably. Finally getting into vacation mode. Of course we truly get into vacation mode about the time we head home on Friday. Thankfully we have a long weekend and don't have to be back to work until Tuesday. Here are a few pictures from the last few days.

Later -


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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Yay! From Today's Seattle Times

There may be wedding bells in my future yet! I'd love for Washington to be the first west coast state to legalize gay marriage. Stay tuned!

Time for Washington lawmakers to count the votes for gay marriage

NEW YORK'S passage of a gay-marriage law prompts an obvious question: When should Washington pursue such legislation? The answer is soon — next year, if requisite legislative votes can be rounded up.

Washington should move into the modern era of equity and fairness for gay and lesbian couples in committed relationships.

State Sen. Ed Murray and Rep. Jamie Pedersen, two openly gay legislators from Seattle, are considering a new push for a gay-marriage bill in January. Similar bills have been introduced every two years since 1997. Timing is always a consideration, but Murray and Pedersen are right to move ahead and at least count the votes.

It makes little sense to introduce such a controversial law if it's all noise with limited prospects.

Murray and Pedersen suspect there are sufficient votes for such legislation in the House, but probably not enough in the Senate.

That's where the effort must go. Murray and Pedersen will urge gay and lesbian families and their friends, gay or straight, to directly lobby Democrats and Republicans who might be persuaded to vote for marriage fairness.

For many years, Murray has pursued an incrementalist approach. In 2006, the Legislature passed a law that provides gay and lesbian individuals nondiscrimination protection in employment, housing and financial transactions. During the next three sessions, lawmakers approved domestic-partnership laws in phases.

Public attitudes toward gay marriage are evolving, led by younger generations. In fact, polls now show a majority of Americans support gay marriage.

Washington and New York are different places. New York doesn't have an initiative process like Washington's vigorous one. Lawmakers here pondering such an idea must consider the challenge of both passing a bill and beating a referendum attempt to call it back.

Murray has always been careful to push the envelope just enough to make people think but not so much that he ignites huge pushback.

Washington is a live-and-let-live kind of place where people tend to respect others' rights and privacy. It is time to legalize gay marriage. Proceed carefully and purposefully.

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lake Chelan Puzzle # 1

Each year while at the lake we put together at least one new puzzle. We just finished puzzle number one and it's only our first full day!

Kent and I bought this puzzle this past July while in Japan. We had taken a trip to Mt. Fuji and then a lake cruise on the lake pictured in the puzzle.

One down and one to go!

Later -

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Lake Chelan 2011

It's our first full day of our annual week at the lake. It's the one vacation of the year that we truly relax. We spend the week swimming, reading, relaxing and eating. Kent and I have been coming to Lake Chelan together since 1998. Kent and his family have been coming here for years before that. Because we have been here for so many years we do not feel the need to fill our days with activities.

Here are a few pictures from today starting with sunrise and ending in sunset with a few shots of the day in between!

6 more days to go!

Later -


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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rants and Raves

There is a weekly column in the Seattle Times called Rants and Raves. It’s basically an opportunity for anyone to write in and submit a rant or rave for the week. One caught my eye this week that was particularly funny! I could not help but share.

Rave: To the nice employee at Swanson's Nursery who came up quietly behind me and said in a low voice, "Ma'am, you'll have to return to the restroom — you have a long trail of toilet paper hanging out the back." Indeed, I did — at least 2 feet long. I applaud her graciousness and thank her for making me painfully snicker at myself.

One of the reasons I find this particularly funny is because it reminded me of an incident with a former boss. We had an early morning meeting on our calendars with a group of regulators. Before we headed to the meeting we both took the opportunity to use the restroom. I come out of the restroom to see my boss half the way down the hall just about ready to greet the folks we are meeting with and to my horror - the skirt she was wearing was completely tucked into her pantyhose! It was hilarious! I was mooned by my boss! Fortunately I was able to catch up with her before she reached our guests! It still makes me laugh just as much today as it did on the day it happened!

I think I will continue to post a “rant or rave” on a periodic basis.

Later –


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Monday, August 22, 2011

Seattle Summer Days

It’s the time of the year where Kent and I begin to panic about the fact that summer is nearing an end and at the same time we are excited about fall and Husky Football beginning.  We had a beautiful weekend in Seattle and all of western Washington.  As you saw from the previous posts we got a couple of great hikes and made the most of the great weather.  That was one of the things we had on our list of summer activities.  Sunday we took full advantage of the great weather starting with a nice ten  mile bike ride on one of our favorite trails  - the Burke Gilman.

Kent before our bike ride with our truck and bikes!
It was picture day at the UW which is an opportunity for fans to meet/greet players and coaches and take pictures.  So we started our ride at the UW and rode out to Matthews Beach Park.  I love riding/running on the Burke Gilman trail.  It’s always packed with runners, bikers and walkers.

Keith Price  - UW starting quarterback 2011

Nick Montana - son of Joe Montana.  Back up quarterback

UW football coach Steve Sarkisian

Chris Polk - UW TB

James Boker  - DE

Michael Uyehara  - Soccer


Husky Stadium 2011

Picture day is always a lot of fun to attend.  It is a great way to kick off the football season and get excited about the season ahead.  It’s also an opportunity to scope out the cute players and cheer squad!  Our first game is against Eastern Washington on 9/3!  Go Dawgs!  Of course now that football season is about ready to start there will be many sports posts in the near future!  In addition to all the home games we plan to attend we plan on going to Omaha for the Nebraska game and Salt Lake for the game against Utah.
After picture day we grabbed a bite to eat at the East Lake Bar and Grill which has a great outdoor patio that overlooks Lake Union.  Check it out some time. 
Another summer activity we enjoy is walking around campus at the UW.  Below are a few pictures from our walk around campus.  We love college campus and visit them at any opportunity while traveling.  They are especially nice to visit during the summer when schools are out of session and the campus becomes a big park with little activity.

Kent at the big W

New UW school of business

UW fountain and Mt. Rainier

UW Campus

UW Law School

We topped off the day with time at Madison Park for what may end up being our last swim of the year in Lake Washington.  It was a beautiful day for picture taking and people watching!  I especially love some of the action shots!

Madison Park Dock

Madison Park Dock

Madison Park Dock

Madison Park Dock

Kent jumping off at Madison Park Dock
More summer pictures to follow from Lake Chelan next week!
Later -