Monday, August 8, 2011

Back to Work

Vacationing always put me behind! I know - I could be behind for a lot worse reasons! I will be putting up a post sometime this week summarizing our trip to Alaska and posting more pictures as soon as I am done editing. It was nice to get home and get some chores done before heading back to work today and of course picking up the dogs who are always happy when we get home. My sister Midge hung out and helped with some yard chores (thank Midge!) and then she and my parents went for a short visit to see William and Sarah. My parents spent the night last night before heading down to Ocean Shores for a few days before they head back to California. Hopefully we will get to see them again before they head home. We had a nice visit and enjoyed spending time with them on the cruise -(remember, I’m a Momma’s boy!) I’ve not posted much about my Dad’s health but he has a form of leukemia and although he has lived with the disease remarkably well– it’s becoming more difficult for him to travel. It made the time we spent together that much more special. I will have to put up a post soon just for and about Dad.

Kent and I love going to movies but every summer we have the “weather dilemma”. We have so few really nice days here in Seattle that we hate to give up time going inside for a movie. We are making an exception tonight and going to see Rise of the Plant of the Apes. This is a long stretch without a movie – the last one we saw was on the 17th of July when we saw the final Harry Potter movie in Tokyo. Plant of the Apes will make our 47th movie so far this year!

I went for a nice 7.12 mile run over lunch today. It felt great and I really needed it! The longest run on the ship was 5 miles. As you know I have a tendency to gain weight and I’m definitely on the upper end of where I feel comfortable. I am going to look for a fall or early winter marathon to sign up for so I can work off some ass fat!

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  1. Looking forward to the pictures.Spending time with you and Kent is always special to us. Spending time in your garden refreshes my soul. I know you understand about that. We stopped to visit some old friends in Medford that Dad has known forever and in their back yard is a Black walnut tree that must be at least 200 years old. I have never in my life saw such a magnificent specimen. I wish I could have spent some time listening to it! Thank you for all that you are. M&D

  2. I'm just glad there are people like you that are an inspiration to spread the good benefits of running and improves Men's Health