Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Running Update

I've been negligent in my running lately. I've managed to get one to two runs in each week but not nearly enough to keep the weight off! I need to find a fall or early winter marathon to partake in so I can begin to run with purpose and shed the extra pounds. I've got my eyes on a couple of different ones but with football season it's difficult to schedule. Right now I thinking of Seattle or Los Vegas in late November or early December.

The great thing about vacation is there is no excuse not to run so in the last five days I've managed to get in 4 nice runs. Since I am not training for anything specific at this time and I always have my iPhone with me to listen to music and track my runs I have been going slow and taking a few pictures along the route. I thought I'd share the route and a few pictures from each run.

Friday - East Wenatchee - 6.57 miles

This is a new bridge they are building in East Wenatchee. I ran this particular route just to take this picture.

Saturday - Lake Chelan - 5.13 miles.

View from one of the downtown bridges - there is a river walk all the way around this section which makes for a nice walk and/or run around town.

Campbell Resort from the bridge downtown.

Best campground in Chelan right downtown. All grass and right on the lake!

View of Peterson's Waterfront our condo from across the lake.

Monday - Lake Chelan - 9.01 miles.

The City put in a new trail that goes along the river so Kent and I took in a run along the river.

Kent at the end of the trail.

This is a picture of the dam from the new trail.

Tuesday - Lake Chelan 8.1 miles

View up the lake.

View from a housing development that has been struggling since the economy tanked. Beautiful views!

View from the golf course of the condo across the lake.

View of downtown from the golf course that is up on the hill near town. I got a lot of hill running in today!

I hope to get in a two to three more runs before we head home on Friday.

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  1. memories of a wedding, can it be 2 years 9/12? Wow, they have almost caught up with Steve & I. Enjoy vacation

  2. A lot of runnning, and for us a lot of beautiful pictures! I too was thinking of the wedding two years ago, and maybe the wedding to come when Washington legalizes Gay Marriage! Loved seeing you on the golf course! M&D