Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tracy Arm Fjord & Glaciers

Our Alaskan adventure continued today with a shore excursion in Juneau to the Tracy Arm Fjord & Glaciers.

Before heading out by a small vessel with about 25 other passengers Kent and I made a quick stop at the Alaska State Capital Building.

Not a very attractive capital but we always make a point of visiting them in every state. Juneau is a fairy small city of approximately 38,000.

They thrive on tourism when in the summer months 4-5 cruise ships per days pull into town. A little political comment - we have John McCain to blame for Sarah Palin. Had he not made such a terrible choice which I'm sure he thought was bold we would not have to listen to the crazy rants of Palin. It's clear when you see the size if the state capital and what she was in charge of how far out of her league she is. Okay - I'm done. Back to vacation!

The crew of three on the boat to Tracy Arm Fjord & Glaciers were great. The captain stopped several times to let us do some whale watching and made social effort to get us up close to scenic spots along the way. The tour guide and her assistant were also great! Here are a few pictures from the day.

Kent on the boat headed to the glaciers.

The captain pulled the boat right up to this waterfall and parked so we could all get great pictures.

There was a minus tide so the tide at it's peak was down 18 feet making for dramatic colors in the granite walls.

The blue of the icebergs was incredible!

This is Sawyer Glacier. We were able to hear a lot of "white thunder" the term used when chunks of the glacier crack and break off tumbling into the water. What an incredible site!

This is South Sawyer Glacier. We were not able to get as close due to all the large chunks of ice.

Got back to town and took the tram for a great view of the town and a short hike followed by dinner with Kara.

Current view as we leave Juneau headed for Sitka. Enjoying the spa!

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