Saturday, September 5, 2009

LSU Tailgate Party

The LSU fans are in town in large numbers! This is a view of the tailgate party on the UW campus headed to the stadium.

-- Post on the run from my iPhone.

Game Day - UW vs. LSU

Well we can only improve over last year! Once again we are stoked for another season of Husky football! New coach and hopes for a winning season. Fisrt game will be tough as will our schedule for the season but if the Dawgs can pull off a big upset win over LSU it willl be the talk of the Pac - 10.

We have new seats this year so looking fiorward to meeting our new seat mates and the view of the field. Should be great as we moved down and in by about 25 yards. I'll keep you posted. Go Dawgs!

-- Post on the run from my iPhone.