Thursday, July 29, 2010

Update to Project 365

Before I head off to Europe I thought I'd get caught up on my Project 365 postings!  As I've said, although I have not been posting them daily, I've still been taking daily photos. The last Project 365 post was for the 10th of July.  The photos below, starting with the bird fountain, begin on July 11th and continue to July 28th.

July 11th - Kent and I have been doing a lot of yard work and this is a picture of one of the seven water features in our yard.  I love it and so do the birds who love, love, love to bath in it.  Kent bought this for me last year for my birthday.

July 12th - Our boy Toby with his cool doggie goggles. 

July 13th - Again, we are working in the yard a lot now that the weather has gotten better and this is a picture of the fish in our pond.  I've managed to keep them alive for two seasons!

July 14th - Another sweet picture of our boy Toby!

July 15th - Another of the water features in the yard - I've had this one for years.

July 16th - This is a funny one. It does not happen often but once in awhile right before I head to bed I realize I've not taken a picture for the day.  This was one of those days!  This is a piggy bank that Kent has had ever since we have been together.  I don't know the story but I've always thought it was funny and it was right there so there you have it - poka-dot-pig!

July 17th - Pot of flowers on the back deck.  I bought this in California when we were down there for my Mom's 70th birthday.  I'm not certain it would be something I would find in the nurseries here in the northwest  since it's really not hardy here but it makes for a nice annual!

July 18th - My parents arrived from California today!  They are here for a couple of reasons.  For Christmas Kent and I bought them a trip to British Columbia.  They are here for that and the they are going to house set for us while we are n Europe. This is a picture of there dog Lucy - a hairless Chinese Crested.  She and Toby are having a blast!

July 19th - Flowers taken at one of my favorite nurseries down the street - Furney's.

July 20th -  Kent and I in out "Team Seattle" shirts that we will wear as we march in the opening ceremonies of the Gay Games on July 31st in Cologne Germany.

July 21st - Beautiful evening for baseball in Seattle.  Mariners win over the White Sox in the bottom of the 11th inning! Part of a five game pack I bought for Kent for Christmas.

July 22nd - This is a house that is part of housing stock in Seattle for recovering homeless women.  I was touring housing of one of the providers I work with and was impressed with the home and the women who lived there.

July 23rd - This is a bit of a cheat and is a picture actually taken the next day and placed on Friday.  I've not done that before but made an exception here because the picture of the day was more dog pictures and I've already posted so many and two I wanted to post our friends Sean and Barbara who we went to a concert with the following day.

July 24th - Terrible picture but great company and great concert.  We went to see Jamie Cullum at the Chateau Ste. Michelle is a winery in Woodinville.  We had never taken in a concert there and what a find!  We will definitely be back!  The venue is outdoors and you can bring a picnic and they sell bottles of local wine.  It was really nice - now I know what I've been missing after all these years and to think Kent and I used to live just a few short miles from there!

July 25th - One of my favorite urban nurseries in Madison Park.  To be honest I don't even know the name but they sell beautiful inexpensive plants in a great neighborhood store.  I have a dream that one day Kent and I live in this neighborhood - Keep saving Jim!  The neighborhood in right on Lake Washington and s near Madison Park our favorite place to go swimming in Seattle during the summer.

July 26th - Last spring while at a Husky men's baseball game we won a free pizza from a local pizza place who's name totally escapes me at the moment.  The offer expired at the end of this month so we made special effort to get there tonight.

July 27th - My passport finally arrived!  Nothing like cutting it close!  This picture was snapped by our security camera as the delivery was made!

July 28th - We went out to dinner with my parents tonight to celebrate our departure.  We went to our favorite Chinese restaurants in North Seattle Judy Foo's Snappy Dragon - Delish!  Check it out sometime if you are ever in Seattle - you will not be disappointed!

So there you have it!  I'm all caught up on my Project 365 and I'm all packed for Cologne!  Now time to get a few hours sleep - it's almost time to get up already!

Have a good one -


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  1. Great job of catching up. You and Kent look great in your shirts, but I think Toby and Lucy beat you out! M&D