Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New York City Bound

I should just give in and begin each blog posting with "Dear Diary"....I've said it before but it really hit home his year when I used my blog to put together a calendar for Kent this Christmas that by month had pictures of the activities of the previous years activities - my blog has become the journal (diary) I've never been able to keep up! I started it in 2008 and although I go through phases in terms of volume of postings, I've never missed an entire month without at least a couple of posts. I've "met" some great fellow bloggers along the way and enjoy it. I've used Blog2Print to actually create hard cover versions of my blog by year. Sounds silly but it's very interesting to go back and see what was going on and what I was interested in at the time and with the addition of pictures it's nice to have a history of all our events.

Kinda got off my topic and that is New York! Kent and were headed to North Carolina last March to a basketball game when we ran into the Athletic Director for the UW who told us almost a year ago that the UW had just reached a deal to play Duke at Madison Square Garden in December 2011! So we have been looking forward to this trip for a very long time. So the main purpose of the trip is the basketball game on Saturday against Duke but in addition we will see War Horse (looking forward to the movie 12/25), Book of Mormon (love poking fun at Mormons) and Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular! Another thing I did when I was 15! My posts while traveling tend to be longer as I have time to sit and relax while flying - so that explains my rambling on and on.

Here are a couple a pictures of Kent and I at the airport having lunch before hopping our flight.

We are only in town Wednesday evening to Sunday morning and have a very full schedule. Theatre, dining, holiday site seeing, basketball, and shopping for the next several days!

One of my Mom's best friends has a son who lives in New York and although we've not met before I feel like I know him through our Mom's. We have been texting and hopefully we will at the very least get to have a meal or cup of coffee together.

Our friend Bill is already there. He arrived on Monday. We rented a condo one stop into Queens. I hope we don't regret it. Last time Kent and I were in town last April we stayed right near Times Square - it was really nice. Oh well we decided to give the condo a try and see how we liked it. In addition to all our planned events we are looking forward to being in the city at the holidays. Last time I was in the City at Christmas I was about 15! Yes - it was a long time ago!

We are still in flight as I write this post so once we arrive I'll post a pictures of the condo.

Met Bill at a local wine bar and had a few drinks and appetizers before heading in for the evening.

Made it to the condo! It's a really nice place! We immediately rearranged the furniture and made it even better - leave it to the gays!

Later - Jim

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  1. Wow, I was thinking about you all day. Good to see the condo and it looks great! Steven finished the work on the porch today. It is great. Having talented and generous friends is a blessing. Glad to hear you are in at least texting connection with Cuyler. Have a wonderful time and tell Bill hello. Love M&D