Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Weekend.

Well we just made it through our final weekend before Christmas - and it was a busy one! We had two basketball games which made it busy on top of the holiday events of the weekend. At Friday nights game Santa was in attendance along with Harry!

Saturday morning we went to new Mission Impossible movie which as it turns out was pretty good. Then we had Jay and Jennifer and Paul and Nancy and my Godchildren stop in before we all went to Judy Fu's for dinner before seeing Ham for the Holidays.

We have been going to Ham for the Holidays for years and always have a great time.

Sunday we got up early and did a little shopping before heading to our second basketball game at noon after dropping the pups off for a much needed hair cut!

We had a small dinner party to end the weekend. Bill and Mike came down and then two new neighbors (Tony and Tony) joined us. I love having small dinners. I love setting the table, I love putting together the appetizers, making the meal, and I love making festive cocktails.

I decided to keep dinner very simple so we had fresh dungeness crab and a holiday wreath salad.

The holiday wreath salad is a recipe from the Ikon Grill which we love. I'd never made it before and it turned out pretty good!

This week is going to be a short work week. I am in the office three days before starting my winter holiday. I'll be off work from 12/22 and return 1/3. Yeah - love my job but looking forward to a break!

Have a great week and enjoy the holiday season! We are headed to Wenatchee for Christmas but in the mean time have an entire week to enjoy our beautiful home this final week of the season.

Later - Jim

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  1. Totally beautiful! You are so busy I don't know how you find time to do it all. I would love to have the receipe for the holiday wreath salad. Have a Merry Christmas. M