Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Holidays Harry!

As you may recall Kent and I joined the ranks of three dog households in the country in 2011. We are still asking ourselves "what the hell were we thinking"!

It was not all that big a deal going from one dog to two dogs but the leap from two to three is HUGE!

This is Harry's first Christmas and everything from poinsettias, Xmas presents, candy and stuffed animals have all been tempting!

Oh well for all the challenges he makes up for it in sweetness! Here's a few other shots of him pushing the limits!

We decided it pretty much is what it is and we will make it work. So far the tree itself has remained untouched!

Later - Jim

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  1. Well Harry, your Gram is at her best tonight. This is the third try to congratulate you on your place as the Baby of the family. Grammy was the Baby too, and belive me I understand what you are going through. The big kids tell us to do things and then we are the ones who get in trouble! They sit back and laugh while you take the heat. It gets better Harry, but you can't squeel on them, believe me that would only make it worse and your Dads won't believe it any way. Your time will come Harry just hang in there until they trip themselves up. If it gets too bad Call Gram. I love you Harry, Merry Christmas with love Grammmy

  2. we are a four dog family! oh the kitchen floor!