Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Ornaments

My Mom started out a tradition when we were growing up of collecting Christmas ornaments. Each year we would all buy her a new ornament to hang on the tree - a tradition I continue today.

Kent and I have a similar tradition that we enjoy each year. We buy ornaments that are of some of our favorite things, hobbies or places we have traveled to decorate our tree. Over the past 14 years you can well imagine that we have collected a large number of ornaments that each hold a special memory or event.

This year we decorated our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving morning. We were invited to friends house for Thanksgiving so the day before Thanksgiving the entire house was decorated and the tree put up including the lights so that on the morning of Thanksgiving we got up and put on the decorations to Christmas music and coffee. I think we may well have started yet another tradition. I thought I'd use my blog to record this years ornaments.

These are three new ones we picked up in New York while there in early December. The first one we found at an open air market at Bryant Park. The second one was purchased at Radio City Music Hall before seeing the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular! Finally I picked up the third one at an open air market at Central Park. It is hand painted by a local artist - and I loved the color and design.

Raspberry ornament from Kent. We grow raspberries each year so this one was particularly fitting!

Another gift from Kent - red bell pepper. I use them a lot in cooking.

Kent found me this great pomegranate ornament - my Mom sends me pomegranates from her tree in CA each year.

A slice of Key lime pie from Kent. Every time we visit Key West we venture down to our favorite Key Lime pie place and have a slice everyday!

I picked these up when Kent and I went to Zoo light this year. Fall is one of our favorite seasons. Because it was already December and these were fall related they were a bargain at .19 each!

Before each Husky football game we stop at Cow Chip Cookies and take a chocolate chip cookie to the game. We also love a small bag of chips with our turkey cranberry sandwiches.

I picked up this one for Kent - I just simply thought he would like it.

We are big readers and have a large library at home so when I saw this one while shopping in Olympia I knew I had to add it to the collection and give it to Kent for Christmas.

Since Kent has spent much of the past 8 years working on the 787 which was finally delivered this year I could not resist getting him a new plane for the tree!

This one was actually a birthday gift to me from Kent. One can never have too many UW ornaments on the tree!

The last one and perhaps my favorite is not from Kent or one I bought for myself but one my Mom made and sent to me. It's a picture of me when I was 13 with my Aunt Midge. I don't remember her being that short! She was my Mom's older sister who lived with my parents until she passed away this past year. I love this picture of her and I. Thank you Mom for such a thoughtful gift.

So here's to next years ornaments that have yet to be discovered! I can't wait!

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  1. I like unusual decorations that you won't find in typical Christmas decoration stores. I am lucky to live in Toronto because there are so many stores that sell traditional lights and ornaments but also amazing modern decorations. I have to say I love the way you decorated the tree, those ornaments are all beautiful, but my fave has to be the picture of you and your aunt. Can you imagine having a tree decorated with photos? I think it would be quite interesting...