Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas has passed and we are on our was to San Antonio, Texas for the Alamo Bowl. The Huskies take on Baylor on Thursday which will be a tough game - I'm really looking forward to the game. There should be a really good crowd there. We are actually flying into Houston and driving to San Antonio from there on a free ticket on Alaska. Makes the trip very affordable!

We spent the Christmas holiday in Wenatchee this year. It was a bit on the stressful side as we had a couple of sick dogs on our hands. I'll spare you all the gory details but lets just say that our truck will never smell the same - twice! It's a good thing we love those guys - that's all I can say!

We were at Kent's sister's on Christmas Eve and his Mom's on Christmas day. His Mom has a new dog - sweet little poodle/chihuahua mix she named Chloe.

We all received nice gifts and opened our main gifts on Christmas Eve and stockings on Christmas day. The pups especially made out good! One thing we dislike is the carting of gifts all over the place. I think in the future we will open our gifts either before we go or when we return.

Kent's niece came back to Seattle with us do we took in a movie - The Darkest Hour in 3-D Christmas evening with her before dropping her off at the airport the next morning. We ran into a bit of snow on the pass headed home but not bad.

We went down to Olympia and saw the movie War Horse with our friends Diane and Buzz and Barbara and her friend Dave. It was a great movie! I'm glad we saw the play in New York before seeing the movie earlier this month.

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday - here's to 2012!

Bring it on!

Later -


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