Sunday, August 1, 2010

Week Fifteen Training Updatep

This is my next to the last training update and I am writing it from an outdoor cafe in Cologne while having dinner before going to see I Love You Phillip Morris.

I have no idea how well I'll do in the marathon although I feel like I've trained well. This morning I completed my final long run before the marathon which will take place this coming Saturday.

The city is full of celebrations and music - we have seen some wonderful preformances.

We have ran into some great people from all over the world.

Summary of miles for week 15 -

Sunday - 12.09 long run
Monday - rest
Tuesday - 6.12 easy
Wednesday - 7.0 speed
Thursday - 6.13 easy
Friday - rest
Saturday - 7.0 easy

One more week of easy running and then I'm done!

Later -


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