Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Project 365 Update

I keep toying with the way to display the project 365 pictures - today I'm posting them in locks of four - one of these days I'll figure it out!

August 7th - This is a picture of me following the completion of the Gay Games Marathon in Cologne, Germany in a Boston qualifying time of 3:26:39!

August 8th - On our last night in Europe we stayed at a Marriott near the airport in Amsterdam. We were upgraded to the penthouse which had a huge bathroom with a shower that had three shower heads! I want this bathroom at home!

August 9th - Our house was burglarized on June 9th and exactly two months to the day we finally got our back door replaced. It's so nice to have it back in operation and a security system in place!

August 10th - On the Tuesday that I returned to work my co-workers gave me an award with a copper medal for the completion of the marathon.  Why copper - I just missed out in the Gay games of winning a bronze medal in my age division by one individual!

August 11th - I know I post a lot of pictures of our boy Toby but he is a convenient picture when I'm needing a last minute shot!  Here he is resting on a chair in the office while I worked on the computer.

August 12th - This is a picture taken in our back yard.  The phlox is especially beautiful this year - I have it in several colors and I love the fact that it's in full bloom in August when many of the early blooming plants are all done.
August 13th - We took my parents out to dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant in Seattle  - Judy Foo's Snappy Dragon.  I tell you  - check it out if you are ever in town, you will not be disappointed!  We had a great visit with my parents who have since returned to California.

August 14th - This picture was taken down on Puget Sound near Des Moines.  We had gone to lunch at Red Robin and then took in the local Farmers Market.  While Mom got a free 10 minute massage Kent and I took a short walk down to the marina and took a few pictures.  The Des Moines Farmers Market is a nice small market with a nice selection - check it our sometime.

Have a good one -


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  1. What a full and interesting life you and Kent have made for your selves. You are a good person, and a thoughtful one. We are proud to call you Son. M&D