Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Marathon Update

We made it back to Seattle on Sunday just before noon - no such luck as a first class upgrade although we did get put up in the penthouse at the Marriott we stayed in on our last night! Glad to be back at home and heading back to work today.

The final results from the marathon are in - I completed with an official time of 3:26:39!  That's over 16 minutes faster than my best marathon time and qualifies me to run in Boston in 2011!  The heavy duty miles that I accumulated over the past 4 months really paid off.  Including the marathon the final miles logged between April 18th and August 7th was 816.98.

Kent also had a great run with a personal best.  He completed the half marathon with a time of 2:10:10!  What a great time!  This picture was taken at the finish of the race after we had showered and changed and were ready to head home.

I ran on Saturday, took Sunday off, ran five miles on Monday and now plan to run every other day for the next week before resuming training. Other than Boston in 2011, I'm not sure where my next marathon will be - any suggestions!


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