Monday, October 17, 2011

Vote No on I-1183

If you live in Washington State please join me in voting no on I-1183 this fall. This initiative is more about corporate greed than it is about what is good for our communities. Costco has donated $10M to help pass this initiative which they have tried before while raising membership rates during a recession!

If passed, I-1183 calls for state-run liquor stores to close by June 2012. The measure also aims to require the state to license private enterprises to sell and distribute hard liquor, set license fees based on sales and regulate licensees.

This is bad for communities and good for those who stand to make huge profits. Please join me in voting no on I-1183!


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  1. Interesting, seems to me you are right and it smacks of corporate,greed. If the State loses the income from State liquor stores, the people of the state will have to be taxed in different ways to equalize that lost revenue. Looks like Big Win Corprate America big Loss John Q Public!