Saturday, October 1, 2011

Made it to Utah

After a 14 hour hour drive from Wenatchee we made it to Salt Lake. Our drive started out in WA and took us through Idaho and Montana before we arrived in Utah. The drive between Butte and Salt Lake was particularly beautiful.

We are staying at the Hotel Monaco which is a Kimpton Hotel. We love staying at the Kimpton's since they are VERY dog friendly. When we arrived in our room there were dog treats and a bed and feeding dishes in the room for the dogs. They of course want our bed!

They even had a few Husky flags in the lobby to welcome us!

We had dinner at a Mexican place we have been before - Red Iguana.

This morning we both went for a run. I got in about 7 miles. I wanted to get in the stadium, capital, and temple before I completed my run and I managed to get in all three!

Looking forward to today's game!

I'll keep you posted!

Later - Jim

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