Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nearly Home

Well here we are almost home some 850 miles later! We started off this morning in Salt Lake City just before 6am and will arrive home just before 6 pm tonight.

It was a great whirlwind trip that started in Seattle on Thursday and on to Wenatchee. Through eastern WA through Idaho, lunch in Missoula Montana at Five Guys and finally dinner at Red Iguana in Salt Lake City Utah. Stayed at the Monaco - the three dogs did great on their first long road trip together. Long run around campus and the football stadium, the capital campus and finally past the Mormon Temple. Farmers Market, lunch at Red Rock Brewery. Light rail to the stadium - big win over the Utes, final dinner and then the long drive home! I'm exhausted!

Home just in time to get ready for work tomorrow! Lots going on there.

Have a great week!


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