Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tsukiji Fish Market

I made my way over to the fish market as planned this morning and what an experience it was! It was a hustling and bustling place that was actually a bit nerve wracking to maneuver.

I made my way to the tuna auction which was closed to the public but I was able look through a window to see the auction taking place. I guess I was not supposed to do that because the police came along and at first I thought they were talking me to a better viewing spot but I quickly realized I was being escorted out! Such an adventure!

I also took in the produce market while there.

Not as many tourists as I would have expected. It was 5am - so I guess that could explain it!

Later - Jim

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  1. Absolutely incredible, Most everything looked yummy; Some make me guess as to how they would be prepared. Great presentation though. Was the smell like really fresh good stuff. I looked totally fresh and appetizing. Dad says you are your Mother's Son getting a police escort away from where you shouldn't be to begin with. I say it is healthy curiosity! M

  2. Looks like you are having a great time! I had to laugh at your brush with the police. Remember, you are not as subtle as you think you are! By the way...are you getting any of my text messages?