Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pictures from Day One

It's currently 3:15 in the morning and of course I can't sleep. Yesterday was was an exhausting day. Just when I get adjusted to he time change it will be time to head home.

The hotel is very nice - I am glad we are here on Business for Kent so the company is picking up the tab for the room. The daily rate is $465 a night! There are a lot of people here on business so to walk abound the hotel in flip flops, shorts and tee shirts you kind of stand out. I learned the hard way not to have a drink in the hotel bar.

This is a picture of my $16.54 Japanese beer! No more visits to the hotel bar!

The Hama-rikyu Gardens across the street from the hotel made for a nice afternoon adventure. I had afternoon tea at Nakajima-no-ochya teahouse. Very traditional remove your shoes, sit on the floor kind of places.

These are pictures from inside the teahouse - it was very relaxing!

The picture above is the teahouse pictured with our hotel in the background.

This is outside the teahouse.

The following are a few other pictures taken in the gardens.

Once Kent was done with work we jumped on the subway and went to dinner at a Chinese Restaurant of all places which was pretty good. Then we went to the Tokyo tower which was all lite up fir the evening. It was very beautiful.

Nice views!

This morning I'm headed to the Tsukiji Fish Market. Should be crowded and busy!

More later -


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  1. How totally facinating! Very beautiful scenery pictures. I am so glad you had the chance to go. Must be some hotel! Is everything expensive there. Okay you had a chinees dinner in Japan! Interesting!
    Love M&D