Monday, July 18, 2011

Headed Home

I'm sitting in the Delta Sky Club getting ready to board my redeye flight home to Seattle after 5 wonderful days in Tokyo! I did not want to pay $20 a day for wifi access so I lost the ability to post for the last few days.

We have been on the go and I'll write several posts on the plane home and post pictures when I get home. There was a 5.4 earthquake on Friday which we definitely felt! We were on the 34th floor of the hotel and it lasted about 7 seconds. The building swayed for several more seconds!

Poor Kent is coming down with a cold and has to remain for a few more days. There is a typhoon headed this way so the weather is going to rapidly deteriorate. I hope Kent gets out on time to be home for the weekend!

It was blazing hot but beautiful while here. Everyday but today was clear and sunny.

More later -


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