Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tokyo Bound

There is an ongoing debate between Kent and I if you can count having been someplace if you have been to the airport. If you go by my definition I am returning to Tokyo. If you go by Kent's definition - I'm going for the first time. Truth be told I can see his point - I was only in the Tokyo airport a few years ago in route and returning from Hong Kong several years ago. So I am really looking forward to an actual visit of 5 days!

Leaving from Seattle on a Tuesday afternoon to arrive in Tokyo on Thursday morning and then leaving on a Tuesday morning from Tokyo only to return to Seattle on the previous Monday night messes with the mind! I am pretty much prepared to be messed up by the time I return to Seattle. To make matters worse I return to Seattle late Monday night and have to fly out the next day to Spokane for an overnight business trip.

Kent is in Tokyo now for business - he left on Sunday and will be there for nearly two weeks before heading home. He has two separate meeting to attend to while in Tokyo and most often when he travels there his meeting are back to back but this time he has a nice break of 4 days between meetings so I am going to join him for the weekend.

I am not sure what we will end up doing but I have an entire list of activities that I hope we can fit in including:

Mt. Fuji, Lake Ashi by Bullet Train

Kamakura tour

Tokyo Morning walking tour

Tokyo Fish Market

Not sure want we will actually fit in but looking forward to whatever we do.

Just getting ready to land in Salt Lake City and from there to LA and then finally on to Henada Airport in Tokyo. There is a 14 hour time difference between Seattle and Tokyo. Just lost an hour between Seattle and Salt Lake that I will gain back between here and LA only to lose again in route to Tokyo. I'm all messed up!

Here are a few pictures on the flight down and of the Great Salt Lake as we landed. Passing over the weather front heading south.

Pictures of the great Salt Lake.

I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Later - Jim

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