Monday, July 25, 2011

Discovery Park

Central Park in New York, Stanley Park in Vancouver and Griffith Park in Los Angeles - that's what I think of when I explore Seattle's Discovery Park. Though distinctly different from the parks above Discovery Park is a gem of a park in an urban setting. Kent and I took in a hike through the park this past Sunday so I thought I'd share a few pictures!

Check it out sometime while in Seattle - it's a great place to run, hike or take in a beautiful view of the Olympic Mountains.

Later - Jim

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  1. What a nice day for a hike. The photos are great and reminds us all why we put up with the rain here!

  2. Makes me want to explore! I wish I had my young legs again. I can always see the places through the lens of your camera which you share so generously, and so well.
    I could almost smell the ocean, and feel the waves touch my toes. Thank you. M