Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Road to Boston - Week 4 Training Update

I'm a quarter of the way through my sixteen week training for the Boston Marathon. For the most part it's going pretty well. I've continued to make new juice recipes - tonight was a citrus combo - 2 sweet grapefruits, half a lemon and half a lime. It's a bit tart but delicious and beautiful. If you try this you'll want to find the sweetest grapefruit you can find. I suppose you could add a little sweetener if it's too tart although I chose not to.

I also made another loaf of bread on Sunday. It really is delicious! It's a good thing I'm running so much or I'd be in big trouble! I can't get over how easy it is to make.

Okay - now a summary of this week's miles -

Monday – January 17, 2011 - rest
Tuesday - January 18, 2011 – 8.34 - hills
Wednesday – January 19, 2011 – 7.26 - speed
Thursday – January 20, 2011 – 7.32 - easy
Friday – January 21, 2011 – rest
Saturday – January 22, 2011 – 7.25
Sunday – January 23, 2011 – 8.01 long run

Weekly total: 38.18
Cumulative total: 171.27

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  1. Your energy astounds me! That juice and bread combination may start a food revolution! Both sound wonderful, however if one had to run as many miles as you do,the faint of heart would be left in the dust! As always I am your admirer!