Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My New Juicer

Have you ever felt the need to go out and buy yourself a Christmas present after the holidays have passed? I've been eyeballing a juicer for a few years now and finally decided to jump in and purchase one for myself when I saw that they were on sale 40% off as Macy's last Saturday. I also got a new food processor but I'll save that for another post!

I bought a Breville ikon Multi-Speed Juice Fountain.

So far so good,although as you can tell by the picture it's pretty big! But it's also fast, makes a lot of juice and is easy to use and clean up after. So far I've mostly just been playing around carrot and apple juice, pear and apple, my own version of vegetable juice that although I drank was not very good - that kinda thing. I thought that one way to keep me trying new juice recipes was to blog about the new ones I try. There are tons of recipes for juice online but never being one to pass on an opportunity to buy a new book (or three in my case) I picked up some new recipe books. The one that the first recipe that I am going to share is from The Big Book of Juices.

I love the flavor, smell and texture of fresh juice. I enjoy the entire process of selecting the recipe, picking out and preparing the ingredients and even cleaning the machine afterwards. It's relaxing oddly enough! I've been making enough to have a drink at night and then to have enough to have a glass in the morning before leaving for my morning run. It's a great energy boost and a sure way to get in my daily requirement of fruit and vegetables.

Today's recipe is called - Pineapple Basic

1/2 pineapple
1 apple
3 carrots
1 celery stick

First of all - let me say that it's hard for me not to like anything with pineapple! I love fresh pineapple so to be honest it was hard for me to use my fresh pineapple in a juice when what I really wanted to do was eat it! I chose a recipe that only called for 1/2 a pineapple so I could eat the other half! So although his was a very good drink I'm not sure that using my fresh pineapple in this manner is something that I'd chose over eating it fresh. That being said - it's delicious and refreshing!

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  1. As always I am amazed at the complexity
    of your nature. Your growth and determination as you continue your life's path is an adventure, unlike any other I have watched.