Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Training for the Boston Marathon

It all started when I did something that I thought only remotely possible - completed the Gay Games Marathon in Cologne, Germany in less than 3:30. This accomplishment qualified me to participate in the 2011 Boston Marathon! Not only did I qualify I cut an amazing 13 minutes off my best marathon time! Boston will make the 9th marathon that I've completed.

To date I've ran the following:

Rock "n" Roll - San Diego, CA 6/3/07 - 3:42:41
Portland - Portland, OR
10/7/07 - 4:21:53
Canyon Run- Yakima, WA
4/5/08 - 3:52:42
Shore Run - Lake Chelan, WA
9/20/08 - 4:29:51
Seattle - Seattle, WA
11/30/08 - 4:06:56
ING - New York, NY
11/1/09 - 3:46:23
Capitol City - Olympia, WA
5/16/10 - 3:48:59
Gay Games - Cologne, Germany
8/7/10 - 3:29:18

I decided because the 16 week training plan that I'd completed prior to Germany was so successful that I'd follow the same schedule which has me running 5 days per week 50 - 65 miles per week.

I started the official training this week with an 11.5 mile run on Monday along the Seattle waterfront. I'm headed to San Diego for the Holiday Bowl as I write this post so I'm looking forward to completing my first week of training in what should be a mostly sunny California! The biggest challenge to training for an April marathon is the weather and short days.

As with the training for Cologne, I'm going to post weekly summaries of my training both as a way to log my progress and as motivation to keep up the training. Thanks for the support and encouragement - I appreciate it!

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