Sunday, December 12, 2010

This and That....

Can you think of a worse time to schedule a national conference? I'm heading to Baltimore this morning for the week long conference and I have to say heading to the east coast mid December has tested my organizational ability to the limit! The conference will be fun however and I'll get to see a lot of colleagues from all over the country. I'm there attending a grantee meeting for one of the federal grants we received and to attend and present at the Joint Meeting on Effective Adolescent Treatment. My staff surprised me and nominated me for a national award for community leaders implementing effective evidenced based adolescent treatment and I was chosen to receive the award. It's a great honor but truth be told my staff and the providers in the community deserve this as much or more than I do.

I hope to visit my friends Kathy and Matt who live in the DC area while there - the weather looks cold and wet!

I managed to get the majority of my Christmas shopping done before leaving, the gifts are all wrapped, cards are in the mail and the house is decorated! I was stressing because I thought I'd not get everything done before leaving and have a lot to do when I returned to Seattle to get ready for the holidays.

Thought I'd share a few pics this morning - Before and after of the Christmas tree.

I know the tree is FULL. I just can't help myself! Every time I open a new box of Christmas decorations I find more to pack on the tree!

I know it looks like we have the star of Bethlehem over the garage but it's just the security light that came on as I was leaving to catch the bus to work. It was such a pretty morning that I could not resist sharing.

Plane getting ready to depart so I have to close. Unfortunately one of my coworkers did not make it on time to catch the plane - she'll be on a later flight. I on the other hand got upgraded to first class!

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  1. Hope you have a great time in spite of the weather. Looking forward to talking to you when you return. Love M