Thursday, December 16, 2010

Headed Home

It's been a long week on the east coast and I'm glad to be headed home! The conference was great and as usual it was great to see so many colleagues from across the country. I was presented with the award which was very nice.

I work with such great people both in King County and across the country. The presentation that I was part of with Evan from New York, Jennifer from Denver and Pam from South Carolina went very well - it was on collaboration between community based treatment and the youth serving justice system.

An interesting opportunity presented it's self during the conference. I was approached about apply for the Director position for a National Project. I'm not going to get too specific at this point but it's an interesting opportunity to work with some of the brightest individuals in the county related to adolescent substance abuse treatment. It's one of those opportunities that don't come around often and I'm greatly conflicted. I'm going to spend time thinking it over and talking to Kent before making a decision. It's an honor to be thought of as a potential candidate.

It was bitter cold however this morning I took in a five mile run in 19 degree weather - helped me sort things out.

This is a view from my hotel room in Baltimore.

Snow on the ground at the airport as we flew out. Lots of de-icing going on!

We were late leaving and it will make for a tight connection in Minneapolis to the Seattle flight. I hope not to get delayed on the return trip.

Later -


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