Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Letter

Between you and me, as soon as I hear “Christmas letter” three things happen. First I role my eyes, second I begin to tune out and third - I sit down and read every single word! It's a love/hate relationship between me and those letters.

I receive several Christmas letters each year.  I love/hate each one for different reasons: The "My Family and therefore I am Awesome" letter that makes my friend's families seem like "The Brady Bunch" when they are all more (and I mean this literally) like the "Modern Family" family. The "Too Much Information" letter that gives a blow-by-blow descriptions of every malady and procedure that has occurred during the past year. Did I really need to read about your colonoscopy in your holiday letter - really (you know who you are)!  The "My Kids Are Better Than Your Kids" Letter which lists each child's accomplishments, awards and sometimes even grades - come on! I of course can top that with the "Our Dogs are Better than your Dog" letter any time! The "Travelogue" letter that leads me to believe that some of my friends don't have day jobs (you know who you are too!).

I love including a few pictures in our cards each year. I'm sure family and friends are updating their blogs now with the "Not Another Jim and Kent Picture with.....those dogs" Well hold on you don't have to put up with it for long - I'm just about at the age where I'll be sending out the "We're Getting Old and Fat So We'll Spare the Photos" letter which simply gives a brief update on what's going on minus any evidence of deteriorating hair or expanding waistlines!

Here’s my salute to the minimalist Christmas letter from Kent and I (and Toby and Maggie)

Happily married (well - domestic partnered), Still gay and it's awesome! No kids, cool dogs. Same great jobs, same home. Garden grows, marathons a plenty, travels galore and great friends. Still blogging at: Come visit the beautiful northwest! Life is good, we miss you - Merry Christmas!

Finally  - remember it's a love/hate thing with those letter (mostly love) I read every word, even those written in the third person (and another... you know who you are)!  Keep them coming!

Have a great holiday - heading to Wenatchee today and then off to Southern California for the Holiday Bowl in San Diego.  Hope the weather clears and go Dawgs!



  1. Hope you guys have a great holiday! Go Dawgs!

  2. Wait till you get my next years christmas letter. I have decided to give a blow by blow of raising seven kids, and of course the grandkids have to be counted and of course now we can't forget the great grand kids and did I tell you about aunt Suzies operation, and don't forget~~~~~~~~~ Have a great Christmas filled with love.
    Mom & Dad too