Saturday, February 15, 2014

New Job/Old Job

I'm super excited to be starting a new job in two weeks. I'll be the new director for the King County Mental Health and Substance Abuse Division where I have been one of two deputy directors for the past 11.5 years. It's been a great run and I'm excited for the next chapter in my career. If you know anyone interested in a great job in a great community pass it along! Word of caution - the position reports directly to me. Lol.

This is our office in downtown Seattle.

Job Title: Assistant Division Director/Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Coordinator

Opening Date/Time: Thu. 02/13/14 12:00 AM Pacific Time
Closing Date/Time: Fri. 03/07/14 4:30 PM Pacific Time

Salary: $95,574.00 - $121,145.00 Annually

Job Type: Appointed

Location: Chinook Building - 401 5th Ave, Seattle, Washington
Department: Department of Community & Human Services

The Assistant Division Director/Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Coordinator provides supervision and leadership for direct clinical substance use disorder, prevention and treatment services in a recovery oriented system of care for the King County Mental Health , Chemical Abuse and Dependency Services Division (MHCADSD). MHCADSD is an integrated division coordinating recovery oriented services for individuals with substance use and mental health disorders. The combined budget for the Division is $246M. $28M for substance abuse, $168M mental health, and $50M of sales tax revenues for both mental health and substance abuse programs. The position oversees the day to day administration of the substance abuse prevention and treatment delivery system for public funded individuals serving 24,000 individuals annually with approximately 34 direct service staff. The position oversees the direct service functions of the 24 hour/day Emergency Services Patrol, substance abuse involuntarily commitment and directly supervises the High Utilizer Program Manager, the Screening Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment program Manager, the Science to Service Coordinator, Prevention and Treatment Manger and the Special Duties Program Manager.

MHCADSD provides high quality mental health and substance abuse services to low income individuals in need. This division provides a wide variety of services including crisis services, mental health treatment, substance abuse treatment, and criminal justice initiatives.

We offer services that are respectful, tailored to individual needs, and most of all, effective. MHCADSD is one of four divisions in the King County Department of Community and Human Services.

WHO MAY APPLY: This position is open to all qualified individuals that meet the minimum qualifications.

WHERE TO APPLY: Interested individuals should submit an online application, resume and cover letter indicating how you meet the requirements of the position. You can find the online application at: Electronic submission is preferred. For inquires, you may contact Alex Golan at: or 206-263-1503.

WORK SCHEDULE: This at-will position is exempt from the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act, and is not overtime eligible. The workweek is normally 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Job Duties:
· Oversight, negotiation and monitoring of direct services activities through close coordination, regular meetings, and periodic full scale reviews of operations to assure compliance with all local, state, and federal requirements.
· Negotiate the state prevention and treatment biennial revenue contract and prepare and submit required reports and plans.
· Participates in the planning and evaluation of substance use prevention and treatment programs. Direct short- and long-range planning activities to define broad goals, objectives, and priorities. Plan short- and long-range utilization of the professional, technical, and managerial staff to meet program objectives.
· Work collaboratively and interdepartmentally and with community partners to ensure that substance use disorder prevention and treatment recovery services are designed and delivered in a manner that addresses disparities.
· Align all existing and new work with the mission of the department’s Equity and Social Justice strategic plan: To reinforce and embed equity and social justice principles into policies, practices, attitudes and actions that produce equitable access, opportunities, treatment, impacts and outcomes for all.
· Oversees the formulation and development of MHCADSD policies, objectives, and strategic goals to ensure a comprehensive and integrated delivery system.
· Coordinate and manage activities related to complex cross systems and multi-systems
integration. This includes mental health, substance use disorder prevention and treatment, co-occurring services, primary healthcare, criminal justice, homeless service providers and other social service systems touching the lives of individuals seeking recovery.
· Provide support, staffing and recruitment for the King County Substance Abuse Administrative Board and its various subcommittees.
· Active participation in the Washington Association of County and Human Services.
· Responsible for publicly funded substance use prevention and treatment services for King County, including policy and procedure development which governs the work of multiple provider agencies – issues related to and involving information systems, documentation and reporting, fiscal management, and contracting services.
· Identify and respond to grant and other funding opportunities that further upgrade the quality of recovery services, improve the effectiveness of prevention and treatment programs, and to provide resources to ensure evidence based, integrated care.
· Coordinate and support services with the King County Drug Diversion and Family Treatment Court.
· Identify philanthropic and public private partnerships that increase the delivery of prevention and treatment services in an integrated manner that supports a Recovery Oriented System of Care.
· Assume the role of Treatment Fellow in the Reclaiming Futures Model.
· As delegated, act in the Director’s absence to carry out goals and objectives of division operations.

Experience, Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills:

1. Substantial experience with progressively greater responsibility administering social service programs provided in the public sector, working in a culturally and economically diverse metropolitan area.
2. Strong knowledge working with Mental Health and Substance Abuse systems, including program management, development and monitoring.
3. Strong experience in a large multidisciplinary organization with the ability to establish and maintain strong working relationships.
4. Significant experience as a supervisor, working with personnel policies and procedures.
5. A Master’s degree in social work, business administration, public administration, or related field; or equivalent combination of qualifying education and experience.
6. Effective communication skills.
7. Experience with successful negotiation and building collaborative work teams.
8. Use of Microsoft Office including, Word, Excel and Outlook.

Additional Requirement:

Final selection for this position may require confirmation and/or approval by the alcohol and other drug addiction program board.

The most competitive candidate will also have the following desired qualifications:

9. Knowledge of substance use and mental health disorder treatment issues and systems.
10. Knowledge of local, state and federal regulations governing substance use and mental health treatment providers.
11. Supervisory experience with a multidisciplinary team.
12. Knowledge of general government principles and procedures.
13. Experience interfacing with the legislature and other public officials and elected individuals.
14. Dual certification or licensure in Substance Use Disorders/Mental Health Professional.

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