Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bathroom Remodel Update

We about a week or so from havering the master bath remodel complete! I'm super excited and it looks awesome so far! We are also past the stage of having to pick out things so that is really nice too! We picked out the final wall paint and grout color yesterday.

The original plan was to combine the existing small one sink bathroom upstairs with an adjacent small kitchen into one larger bath. The picture below was the original inspiration design.

In the drawing above we would have closed off two doors, created a new entry and repositioned a window. We made a few changes to save a few dollars and still achieve what we wanted.

We basically kept them two separate rooms. One is a toilet room with a toilet and single sink while the other room has a stand alone shower, tub and double sink.
We did have to move any windows and only had to switch out one door with a pocket door and move one wall to make it all work.

Here are a few before pictures.

So this picture above illustrates how the two rooms were separate. The room to the left was a very small and very old bathroom and the room to the right was a small extra kitchen that was upstairs. The prominent wall in the picture above is now gone and where our shower is placed.

The pictures above give you an idea of the extent of the remodel. Right down to the studs!

The room is finally starting to come together walls are back up and framing and wallboard are complete!

That pretty much puts us where we are at right now in the remodel. So far we love it! It's challenging because we love a modern looks but at the same time we wanted to keep with the age of the house so we think we have found the right balance. I love the green subway time with the white marble. We decided to break from nickel and go with chrome for all the hardware. I also love the fact that the toilet is completely separate from the rest of the bathroom. Not just with a pocket door but and actual separate room. It actually makes it much more fictional.

More final pictures to come soon! Looking forward to being done and putting it to use!

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