Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So Much Going On.....

Sometimes having a blog is like Christmas shopping.  You have the best of intentions, plan accordingly only to get far behind scrambling at the last minute to "get the job done."

I have been busy between training for Boston, work and other things that I've not been posting with frequency.  Yes  - I feel guilty.  I had planned on posting on Sunday but between going on a long run, meeting up with family and going to a play, it just did not work out.

We went to see the play Next to Normal at the 5th Ave Theatre on Sunday.  It was really good.  It's been awhile since I have been to a play that I really enjoyed.  It's basically about a Mom with bi-polar and the impact of her mental illness on her family.  Sounds like an odd topic for a rock musical but we loved it!  If you ever have opportunity to check it out I recommend it!  There is something in there for all of us to relate to!

Here is an interview with one of the cast members that tells the story

Followed by a couple of the songs from the play

We are looking forward to going to see 9-5 the Musical next month at the 5th Avenue! In the mean time if you live in Seattle check out Next to Normal!

We are headed to Southern California tomorrow to the Pac-10 tournament. We will be joined by our friends Mike and Bill for 4 days of basketball! To bad there are so many challenges facing the team right now! Thanks Venoy!

Oh well - we are still faithful Dawg fans!

Have a good one -


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