Monday, March 14, 2011

And Now.....

The real madness begins! What a tournament! I've got to start this post with a clip of the final seconds of the final game. I've watched it a dozen times and it never gets old! Check it out!

So against several odds the Huskies win the PAC - 10 tournament and will be in the NCAA Tournament. We will find out today at 3 pm, where they will be going and of course we are ready to adjust our schedules, kennel the pups and hop a flight to one of any number of places the Dawgs could end up playing. We are hoping for Tucson, Denver or Chicago.

The whole March Madness scramble is a lot of fun. Especially if you have the time, flexibility and the resources to follow the team as far as they make in in the NCAA Tournament. Fortunately for us we have all of the above!

Several highlights from this years trip. We traveled with our friends Bill and Mike which is always a lot o fun. There is never a lack of things to do in LA. This year we went to Griffith Park which I've never been to before,

went on a tour at Warner Brothers,

and made our way to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

The section we sat in was especially fun and full of energetic Husky Fans. We met a nice lady from Seattle who sat next to us named Teresa - who made her first trip to the tournament. She works at the UW and was a lot of fun! Hoping to connect with her in Seattle sometime!

On our final night we went to Gyms Sports Bar in West Hollywood which is a gay sports bar Kent and I found when we were down for the Holiday Bowl in December. It was a lot of fun hanging out with the guys and celebrating the Husky win.

Dinner was at a steakhouse in West Hollywood called BLT Steak. The food, although expensive was excellent! We could not get reservations until 8:30 so it was a late dinner.

The Assistant General Manager turned out to be from Seattle and a big Husky fan who also managed to get at least one of the games himself. He treated us to a selection of four different deserts at the end if the meal - classy thing to do!

Turns out BLT has restaurants all over - check them out sometime. I would definitely recommend it!

Look for a post soon with information on the next game!

Later - Jim

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  1. Great vidio clip I watched it twice and I'm not even a basketball fan. Sounds like you packed in plenty of educational as well as fun stuff. You work hard and certainly deserve your perks. Go Dawgs! love and good wishes M&D