Saturday, November 27, 2010

Return to Berkeley

Of all the Universities in the Pac-10 (aside from UW) Kent and I have been to Cal more times than another school. We've been to two football games there, a basketball game and one baseball game.

The Bears are our second favorite team in the Pac-10. And although in the long run we always want Pac-10 schools to do well (go Ducks) we still hate you!

Today's game is a big game for both Cal and the Huskies! Cal wins and they are bowl eligible, Huskies win and they are still in contention - basically whoever loses today's game is not going to a bowl game!

We are taking my parents to their first college football game. Should be a lot of fun! The weather is not the best but we are well prepared with rain gear! It would not be the first time we've been rained on and often they are some of our more memorable games. Who could forget our trip to Notre Dame!

I'll post a few pictures from Berkeley later in the day.

Have a great day and go Dawgs!


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