Saturday, November 6, 2010

Headed Home

I am so glad to be headed home! It's been a long week and although the conference was excellent there's nothing like returning to ones own bed. I'm a bit frustrated that I'll be flying out again on Sunday but fortunately it's only an overnighter to Spokane.

I've been to DC multiple times for work and I have this was one of the better trips. We received a federal grant to implement substance abuse treatment services to pregnant and parenting women in a recovery oriented system of care. It's essentially about treating substance abuse as a chronic illness as opposed to episodic acute care. The timing could not have been more perfect since the treatment for substance abuse and mental health services is about to expand as a result of healthcare reform and the service delivery model will follow new standards of care. I learned a lot about healthcare reform and what I need to do to prepare our system for upcoming changes.

The partners on the grant who attended the meeting were especially great to work with on this trip and a lot of fun as well. Both were essentially strangers to me although I'd met them before in meetings so it was nice to learn more about them and really get to know them.

It felt good to visit with my friend Kathy and get caught up - I'm looking forward to the day when she and Matt retire to WA and I get to see her more often.

We got done today at noon so one of the women I was traveling with had never been to DC so we took in the White House and one of the Smithsonian's.

I returned to see Julia Child's kitchen.

The outfit that Carol Burnett wore in the Gone with the Wind episode. Hilarious!

The original Kermit!

Minnie Pearl's hat!

Dorothy's ruby slippers!

Archie Bunker's chair!

White House

View of the Washington Monument from the Old Post Office Tower.

Capitol from the tower.

I hope you enjoy the picture!

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