Monday, October 4, 2010

Yamkia Fair

Since I've been delinquent in posting I thought I'd post a few pictures from last weekend. Every few years Kent and I like to head over to the Yakima fair. It's a great old fashioned fair with big old white buildings (which have all recently been restored) and big grassy areas - it's really nice and busy but not overly so like Puyallup. The other nice thing about going east of the mountains at this time of year is the weather. It was hot and sunny in Yakima while raining in Seattle! And yes of course we went to Miners for a burger! Best burger in eastern WA!

We don't go to the fair for the rides or the food - we spend most of our time in the animal barns and agriculture buildings. Check out the Yakima fair sometime.


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  1. OMG--Cool I wish we year for sure! Love Fall fairs!

  2. Those are incredible pictures! The rooster of course is outstanding. The Wiggies are cute and the pygmy goats are Darling. Fruit looked yummy and the gourd were a sure sign of Fall. Our leaves are starting to turn. It was a cloudy day. I'm glad you are blogging again I have missed it. M