Friday, October 22, 2010

What's Up?

It's funny having a blog that's as much a personal journal as much as it is a way to keep in touch with family and friends. When life becomes hectic and busy there is always this nagging reminder that is been awhile since you've last posted and people begin to wonder what's up. The fact of the matter is I've just been plain busy and by the time I get home take care a the chores that need tending, take the time to love the dogs, make dinner, make my lunch and get my clothes ready for the next day it's time for bed! Not to mention that if I've not gotten up early enough and already taken in a run that I've got to squeeze that in as well.

I'm drafting this post as I sit on a plane headed to Tucson for the weekend to see the Huskies take on the Wildcats tomorrow. No work email to respond to, no one calling to schedule a meeting or to tell me my budget is being reduced - time, there's never enough of it. It's relaxing to me to be on a plane with my headset on surrounded by people but finally having time to myself! Once football season starts weekends are taken up with games and shortly basketball will start and overlap with weekend football games and add even more commitments. It's a good thing I love it all but as you can see it leaves little time to sit and blog. I've got a new dilemma in that I used to blog on the run frequently while on the bus to and from work but even that has been interrupted due to Netflix and the discovery of Weeds. My friend Jennifer turned me on to it and I've been watching it nonstop. It's a show on Showtime that as the name implies is about pot. I'd never watches it because by title it's not something I'd normally find myself interested in but I'm hooked and there are 5 seasons to get caught up on!

I of course took the time to post about Maggie! We've had her a week today and I feel a bit bad about kenneling her so soon after adopting her but I'm sure since she's with Toby she will be fine. We have been talking about getting a second dog for awhile but we've been hesitant since everything has been perfect with Toby. But after my parents came up this past summer with their dog and we got to see Toby and Lucy play we started getting more serious. I've been looking at Ginger's Pet Rescue for awhile. We wanted a small dog like Toby, a female and one that did not shed. We were also hoping to find one around Toby's age. The main thing of course is that they has to get along and as anyone that has met Toby knows he can have attitude or as Kent likes to call it - little dog syndrome! Just as we were lucky with finding Toby, Maggie seems to be the perfect dog for us. We don't know much about her background - she's a Lhasa Apso mix of some kind, probably Poodle. The estimates of her age have been from one to three years. Based on her behavior we thinks she's closer to one than three. She was picked up as a stray in Oxnard California back in August and before being euthanized she was rescued by Ginger's and brought to Washington in search of a forever home. She was spayed when they picked her up and she has obviously been socialized with other dogs and is extremely friendly. So it seems like at one point in her past she was well care for. I'm sure we will never know much more than we already do but I take comfort in that fact that regardless of her past she is in a safe place now for the rest of her life. I just love watching the two of them play tug-a-war over toys, it's hilarious!

Of course I continue to run although I'm not currently training for anything specific. I did get registered for the Boston Marathon next April. Once they confirm my time I'll get officially accepted. It's a challenging time of year to run right now because of the weather and because it's dark when I leave for work and nearly dark by the time I get home.

I'm heading into a busy period of travel over the next several months. I've got a quick trip to Spokane for work and two week long trips to DC before the end of the year. In addition we are heading to California to visit my parents over Thanksgiving and will take in a Husky game at the University of California. We will be spending Christmas with Kent's family. We have the week between Christmas and New Years off and have not decided what we will do. A lot of it depends if the Huskies go to a bowl game or not. If they go to a bowl game we will likely travel to the game and if they don't we'll either end up in southern California or Florida.

We are now off the plane and in a rental car 74 miles outside of Tucson. Hope the Huskies can squeak out a win tomorrow. At any rate we are here until Monday and enjoying the fact that the weather is warm and sunny here and wet and raining at home.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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