Thursday, October 21, 2010


I just had to take a few minutes and post an updated picture of our new girl. As you can see by the post title we decided she was a Maggie.


And after:

What a difference a good grooming makes! Maggie and Toby get along great which was our biggest concern. We adopted her from Ginger's Pet Rescue. Please check out their site and if you are thinking of adopting a dog consider adopting a rescue dog who would have otherwise likely been euthanized. The shelter that Maggie came from out of California has a kill rate of 30%!

The volunteer from Ginger's actually brought her over to our house so we could meet and she and Toby could interact before we made a commitment.

I've never seen a dog adapt to a new environment so quickly. She and Toby get along like they were litter mates, running, playing tug-a-war and a lot of roughhousing! The only fighting going on is for attention!

She's already learned to take herself out and use the dog doors. She's just a great dog and addition to our family!

I'll post more pictures at a later date.


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  1. Maggie pretty girl. Next years calandar girl! She will give toby a super time.
    Great selection. love M&D