Friday, November 15, 2013

Big Trees

So most of you know that I am a Master Gardner. I went through the program several years ago because I love gardening and I love garden design.

Our yard is definitely a work in progress. At one time it was a lovely Japanese design but it was not tended properly and became very over grown.

We had a tree on the north side of the house that we decided to take out and replace with a different variety. It was not just a matter of not liking the tree it was also that the tree had become too big for its location, was growing through the power lines and caused a leak in our bathroom ceiling. It also had signs of a disease so we were concerned that it could come down in a storm. Now when you take a tree down in the city it can be tricky. I went to the city and tried to determine if we could take it down and their rules are long and confusing but things were pointing in the direction of the city getting even stricter on the rules.

All indications were we could take it down - we contacted an arborist who took it down for us. So not to draw too much attention and because we know we were going to replace it with a more suitable tree we went to Big Trees and bought a replacement - a maple called October Glory. As you can see from the picture - it is in fact a - big tree!

The picture above is the actual tree we purchased. We picked it out in the fall so we could see what it's true fall color was knowing by the time it was delivered and planted that it would be bare!

Can't wait for next year to see it leafed out and them in its full glory in the fall. We planted it back further so that as it grew it would not be in the power lines to the house.

Since we were putting in new trees we decided to all a couple of Japanese Snowbell trees to the parking strip. I love these trees and although they are bald now next spring they will be beautiful!

This is what they look like now but in spring they are green with fragrant white flowers and then yellow leaves in the fall. The picture below is an example of what they look like flowering that I took off the internet. I love how they soften the look of the house and they are going to be awesome this next spring!

Later - Jim
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  1. Wow it has been too long since I looked at your blog. The landscaping is incredible I can't wait for spring to spring so we can admire! Happy Anniversary to you and Kent today, you are n our thought and in our prayers.