Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Living the Dream

I have to say I've never enjoyed Seattle more! We had the most incredible weather this spring and summer is starting off spectacular! We are loving our new neighborhood (Center of the Universe post coming soon) and our house is coming along. We have been working on updating the garage which is nearly done including a new garage door. As soon as the new door is installed I'll have to add a post about the project - it turned out to be a bigger project than we expected but its looking great!

With the weather being so nice and there being so many things to do in the neighborhood, aside from having to go to work periodically its like being on vacation! We are totally exhausting ourselves!

Last night we took the dogs for a walk. We have a pair of nesting eagles just 4 houses away. The two eaglets as they are called both have fallen out of the nest so the area is all fenced off and we actually saw one of the baby eagles on the ground near a large tree. Pretty cool. Apparently they are very close to being able to fly and should be fine. I was surprised how big it was!

After taking to dogs for a walk we took the kayaks out for a nice long run from Belvoir Park to Madison Park. It's just over a mile to Madison Park. The life guards were gone so we were able to put the kayaks up on the dock while we took in a swim. Pretty awesome! You can see by the map that our house is located very close to the park where we put the kayaks in the water.

I love this picture - although Kent and I are pushing 50, I feel like the two little boys in the background when we are out and about on one of our adventures!

To get to Madison Park we have to kayak under 520. They are putting in new pilings for the new bridge under construction.

It's kinda hard to tell - these pictures were taken with an iPhone after all, but there was a eagle watching is from high in a nearby tree. We have seen him several times when we go out in Union Bay.

I hope the fun we are having this first summer in our new home never ends!


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