Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ramble Run 12K - Asheville, NC

I've got a lot to post about and I'm behind so I thought I'd just get started with a few posts from our time in Asheville, NC. It's now Saturday and I have been here since last Monday. Kent arrived on Wednesday and we head home tomorrow.
We have been on the go and today we participated in a 12k run.

It was a great course filled with challenging hills!

Here is a map from my iPhone Nike Plus with my time. I was pleased given the hills that I was able to complete at an average pace of about 8:11 per mile. Kent also had a great run and felt great afterwards!

Here are a couple of pictures of each of us before starting.

And finally a picture of Kent crossing the finish line! Great job!

Next weekend we will be in Boise where I will run a full marathon and Kent will run the half. Looking forward to it! I have several more posts about our time in NC - stay tuned!


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