Thursday, May 16, 2013

Asheville NC

It's nice to be home following a week in Asheville NC. I was there for a Reclaiming Futures meeting and helped facilitate the treatment section of the meeting. The meeting was very good and as usual the team from King County accomplished a lot and added a ton to our work plan. I arrived on Monday and Kent joined me on Wednesday.

I've been to NC several times but I've never been to Asheville. It's a beautiful area as I've always been told. Asheville has quite the music scene and I was lucky enough to take in the Wallflowers who played at a club called - The Orange Peel - Social Aid and Pleasure Club.

Several of us from the conference went and had a great time - what an awesome venue!

We ate at several great places but the place we ended up retuning three times was called The Wicked Weed.

It was a local brew pub with terrific food. The name is based on a quote from King Henry VIV in 1519 "Hops are a wicked and pernicious weed" If you find yourself in Asheville I highly recommend you check it out!

We brought our hiking boots so once the conference was over Kent and I took in a couple of great hikes. One to Mount Mitchell the highest peak east of the Mississippi.

The other was at Chimney Rock State Park.

Both located in different areas near the Blue Ridge Parkway.

We have come to really enjoy hiking and both these hikes exceeded our expectations. Both were short but challenging based on gain in elevation and altitude.

We also happen to have found a gay French movie playing in town while we were in Asheville called - Let My People Go. It was a lot of fun and its always a treat to find a gay themed movie while on the road.

Saturday morning we took place in a 12K run called the Ramble Run.

It was a beautiful course that was quite a challenge with several major hills. It was good practice for my final long run before the Boise marathon next weekend. Both of us did well and had a great time. I actually did better than I thought I would and came in third in my age division!

On our final full day we were trying to decide between going to Dollywood or take in the Biltmore Estate. We decided to take in the Biltmore and save Dollywood for another visit.

The Biltmore Estates and Gardens were incredible and well worth a visit.

We spent the final evening in Knoxville before flying home. On a final note in Knoxville we ate dinner at a new restaurant called Noodles and Company. It's a chain that has not made its way to Washington. It's like a fast food casual place with various types of noodle dishes from Italian, American and Asian. There are several in Portland area and thankfully there are also some in the Boise area so next weekend I'll be able to enjoy again! Come on - time for some to open up in the Seattle area - they will be very popular!

Picking up the dogs as soon as we land.

It will be great to be home and I can't wait to see them!



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