Saturday, May 18, 2013

Famous Idaho Potato Marathon

I'm not sure why I think that's a funny name for a marathon but it cracks me up! It's the first time that I've participated in a marathon where participants were provided baked potatoes with all the fixings upon completion! Hilarious and delish!

We got up at at 3:45am Seattle time (4:45 Boise time) to get ready. We had to give ourselves a little extra time since we had all three dogs with us. The race did not begin until 7 but since this was a point to point run you had to catch the bus no later than 6am to take you to the start of the run.

Thankfully things were well organized with plenty of buses so the lines were fast!

We had enough time to get a few pictures of us at the start of the race while waiting for the official race to begin.

Both of us did well and had great runs - Kent ran the half and I ran the full marathon. The shirts that they gave at completion were great! Kent's time was 2:07:48 and I completed in 3:49:04.

There were only 220 folks that ran the marathon but 1362 that ran the half. There were several other running events going on so it was a nice size crowd.

I love the medal! The whole potato thing makes me laugh!

Next up Missoula MT. Looking forward to it!

Also looking forward to a visit from my parents late next week. It's Mom's birthday weekend and they have have not visited our new house yet and the film festival is going on so there will not be a loss of things to do!

Have a good one!


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  1. I like the concept of the potato, but Idaho is the potato state. The baked potato sounds yummy; my favorite way to eat a potato. You both made good time. Looking forward to seeing you.
    Love M&D

  2. Did your friend kent get a medal that said half marathon finisher at the bottom? Or did it say marathon finisher like yours? I ran the half this year but my medal says marathon finisher, just wondering if it was a mix up or if they only made one medal for all distances. Thanks

  3. You wrote you had your dogs with you, does the race allow you run with dogs?