Sunday, September 30, 2012

UW vs. LSU

We had a great time at the pre-game function. We met up with our friends Andrew and Heidi and Chuck and Carla. We met Andrew and Heidi in San Antonio last year and sit next to Chuck and Carla at Basketball. We also met a new couple that live on Queen Ann - John and John. Nice to meet another gay couple with season tickets!

Before we went to the game we went for a run around campus. The LSU fans were real nice and really into their tailgating!

We are currently in the third quarter and the score is 34-3. Dawgs are not playing so well but as with many of the away games we have attended and lost - it's a ton of fun.

Carla and Chuck live in Montlake and Heidi and Andrew live in Ravenna. I see progressive tailgating parties in our future!


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