Sunday, September 30, 2012


It's of course obvious that I've not been posting with any frequency. All my extra time has been taken with the big move to our new house. We spent the first night there a week ago yesterday. Last Saturday we moved the majority of our belongings in a 36 ft. long u-Haul. It took two trips - one for household goods and the other for plants! Although we managed - I'm fairly certain it will be the last time we move ourselves. Definitely getting too old for all the heavy lifting!

There is still much to be done around the house. This week we had electrical work done as the house is old and needed wiring to accommodate the computer and a new furnace and heat pump. The old oil furnace is on the way out! The dish for the satellite went up on Friday so we have the comforts of all favorite TV as well. The big chore for the day was getting the washer and dryer down into the basement. Let me tell you that was no small feat! Now aside from putting stuff away, organizing and waiting for the kitchen remodel to start we are getting settled.

The dogs are adjusting well to their new digs. I feel bad for them right now since we have yet to put in their doggie door and a fence so they can come and go. At this time they are relegated to kennels during the day until such time we get their area all in order. They do love all the dogs in the neighborhood. It's definitely a dog loving neighborhood. Dog after dog walks by all day long. There are great parks and trails nearby for taking them for walks which they love of course.

I love our new neighborhood. It's got some of the best running opportunities in the city. I have gone on three runs all in different areas and I've not even ran on the Burke Gillman Trail that is four blocks from the house. Our proximity to the UW and U-Village make it feel like we have moved to the center of the universe. There is a ton of stuff to do within blocks of the house. Today for example we walked over to U- Village for lunch and shopping and then after talking the dogs for a walk we walked over to the soccer field at UW and watched the Dawgs play Oregon State.

It was a beautiful day for soccer. It's actually been a beautiful fall. It's really dry out and although I love the weather, it would be nice for a little rain.

Last night we went up to the U-District for a movie. It's nice that it's about a mile from the house. Friday evening we tried one of the new restaurants in the area. There are a lot to choose from. I think we are going to love living in the city!

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