Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Virginia and other updates

I'm on my way back from Williamsburg Virginia where my colleague Charlotte McGuire from Ohio and I put on a 3:45 minute workshop on Reclaiming Futures. We had a good crowd and the presentation went well. Glad to be heading home. I have been so busy and feel far behind both at work and at home. Tomorrow I have to drive down to Vancouver for an all day meeting and then Thursday present at a statewide conference in Seattle. If I can get through this week my summer can begin!

We are still in the market for a house. It's been frustrating and exciting at the same time. We have made two offers and were outbid both times. We see everything out on the market and get notices right away when something new comes out and there is just not a lot available. We know we want to be in West Seattle, Green Lake, Montlake or Ravenna. There are a couple of other neighborhoods such as Magnolia or Queen Anne but the top two are West Seattle and Ravenna. We limit the stock quite a bit by our own criteria of a two car garage. Both the houses we placed offers on actually had three car garages. Although we would love to purchase a turnkey ready home, we've decided to consider doing a complete remodel on a house if the right one came on the market. The problem is I have no idea how much money it takes to completely remodel a house and add a garage if we need to. We have used a designer, Julie Evans from JM Designs on two projects in our current house so we have contacted her to have her join us at a house that would need a remodel so she can give us an idea of costs. Lots to consider.

Kent and I enjoyed our time in Virginia. On Saturday we actually went out to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and took a dip in the Atlantic ocean. Here is a map of our route. It was about an 180 mile drive to a part of the country that I've previously not visited.

We visited the site where the Wright brothers flew the first plane.

Cape Hatteras lighthouse.

We visited several national parks including the site where the final battle of the Revolutionary war took place. We visited the original settlement in Jamestown and of course Old Town Williamsburg and the College of William and Mary.

We had a great time and look forward to going back for another visit.

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  1. I love the way you two combine business travel and historical sight seeing. It never fails to engage my curiosity, and send me looking either in a book (my preference), or on line to refresh and increase what little I know about the places you are visiting. Thanks for keeping my mind stimulated, and increasing my knowledge albeit, around about course, of education! You two are terrific. M